THURS 1st AUG 2019

August 1st is 'Yorkshire Day' - to promote the historic English county. It was celebrated in 1975, by the Yorkshire Ridings Society, initially in Beverley, as a protest movement against the Local Government re-organisation of 1974.
The date alludes to the Battle of Minden (1759; In Germany - a decisive battle in the seven year war against France; the prissians were on the side of the Brits ) and it is also the anniversary of the emancipation of slaves in the British Empire in 1834, for which a Yorkshire MP, William Wilberforce,(a rich pal of Pitt the younger paid £8,000 to be MP for Kingston upon Hull campaigned with others (mostly quaker) to abolish slavery.
Mr. Wilberforce was elected MP for Yorkshire due at the age of 24
The slave trade was a substantial amount of British income...
Bill (a religious man of the times) died a month before the slave trade was abolished in the British Empire (1833)
Bill Pitt a strong friend of Bill Wiberforce was a great advocate of unionism with Scotland and Ireland.
Will the union with Scotland and Ireland soon be a thing of the past.
Wanna be in an independent gang GOSH

1966: The British Empire officially came to an end as the Colonial Office closed its doors and lowered its flag, giving way to the Commonwealth.
Soon all UK protectorates on this warming up planet will be gone...
One can't turn back time.
Wanna be in a times they are changing rapidly gang GOSH

1984; Commercial peat-cutters discovered the preserved body of a man they called Lindow Man, at Lindow Moss in Cheshire.
It is thought that he was deposited some time between 2 BC and 119 AD.
The oldest natural mummified man - Otzi (sorry girls) - was found in a retreating glacier and is on view in Bolzano (Italy)
He is calculated to be 4 thousand years old and carried a stone lighter.
Wanna be in a you really can't make this up gang GOSH

2017; The reopening, after a £19 million restoration, of the Piece Hall in Halifax, one of Britain’s most outstanding Georgian buildings.
The Piece Hall opened initially on 1st January 1779 as a cloth hall and was the most ambitious and prestigious of its type.
It had 315 separate rooms arranged around a central courtyard which were used by handloom weavers to sell the woollen cloth 'pieces' they had produced
Don't mention those dark satanic mills
Wanna be in a you can't turn back time - tourism rules OK - Gang GOSH

Watch tourism in Greece increase; with the return of the Elgin marbles
An unseen 'complication' of leaving the EU.

FRI 2nd AUG 2019

1776; The signing of the United States Declaration of Independence took place.
On 4th July earlier that year the thirteen American colonies, then at war with Great Britain, regarded themselves as independent states, and no longer a part of the British Empire.
The present predicament of division is politically over the few who are still affected by the special relationship with america and those that see their future in Europe.
To complicate matters even more; America is split between those that are in favour of the special relationship (mostly banking community) and those that make things for a living in Europe.
A while before the banking crash the UK in a vainglorious attempt to stay ahead of the game came up with 'Big Bang' - the deregulation of the stock exchange and banking.
The american bankers were over here faster than one could build a chinese wall...
The vast majority of the banking community are just creaming it off the top.
The pace of change has been relentless recently...
Wanna be in a 'the sooner we get back to making things...' Gang GOSH

1922; The death of Alexander Graham Bell, the Scottish scientist who is credited with inventing the first practical telephone.
The present generation of 'mobile' telephone is not as good at communicating as the first.
It's all to do with the present generation grasping the 'novelty culture'
Wanna be in a 'the novelty culture won't last forever' gang GOSH

1993;Following speculative pressure on currencies in the European Exchange Rate Mechanism, the Mechanism collapsed and currencies were allowed to fluctuate within broad band of 15% on either side of central rates.
There has been much discussion to influence speculation of currencies lately.
Where there is a will; there is a way.
I would have kicked us out of the EU when we as a nation state failed to adopt the Euro.
Modern trends - global warming and all that speculation - predict that the Euro will survive.
Wanna be in a 'I've never been a banker' gang GOSH

2013; Magdelena Luczak, 27, and Mariusz Krezolek, 34, from Coventry were served a minimum of 30 years each for what the judge called their 'incomprehensible brutality' that led to the death, from a head injury, of her 4 year old son Daniel.
Daniel, who had also been starved by the pair and was subjected to cold water punishment weighed just over a stone and a half when he died and had 'endured severe physical and mental suffering'.
This planet is going through a phase of 'when you stop bombing our country; we'll stop coming to yours'
Only a fool uses migration as an excuse - under pressure looking down on me
Wanna be in a less pressurised gang GOSH

The present predicament of GREECE is all to do with banking...
Will Greece survive as a nation state member of the EU!
Not if it continues to elect greedy git bankers into power...

SAT 3rd AUG 2019

1326 The death, in the Tower of London, of Roger Mortimer de Chirk, opposer of Edward II during the Despenser War.
His nephew Roger Mortimer later led a successful rebellion against the King and completed Chirk Castle in Wales.
Dispenser was the family name of the faourites of ted 11.
The dispenser wars were greedy git v greedy git for the love of money - plebs were mercenaries.
The losers were called traitors...
In the era of the can't and hypocrisy of democracy over death and destruction; is it really anything different today.
Wanna be in a 'lets tell more of the truth' gang GOSH

1460; James II, King of Scotland, died after being injured by an exploding cannon at Kelso, in the Scottish Borders.
Kelso Abbey was the venue for the hasty coronation of the infant king, James III, which quickly followed.
The king is dead;
Long live the greedy git supporters of the next one.
Wanna be in a 'get thee gone' gang GOSH

1692; The birth of John Henley, English clergyman.
He was known as 'Orator Henley' for his showmanship and eccentricity.
He charged people the sum of one shilling to attend his meetings because the seats were his personal property!
The trouble with the church is; its supporters are human.
Prey on/for me and I'll set you free.
Wanna be in an agnostic/atheist gang GOSH

1805; The first recorded cricket match between English public schools Eton and Harrow.
If; you don't think that we are going through an extended period of 'Public Schools rule OK; you; must be an establishment supporting brainless brickie from Byker
Wanna be in a time for change gang GOSH

The people/plebs of Greece have re-elected the greedy gits that were instrumental in getting their economy into trouble in the first place
As world wealth and power on the planet moves eastwards; the greek nation state have chosen the road to inequality...

SUN 4th AUG 2019

1704; Gibraltar was captured for the British by Admiral Sir George Rooke - The UK was allies with the dutch at the time.
Gibraltar is now a UK tax haven.
If/when we leave the EU it won't be long before Gibraltar returns into official Spanish ownership.
How ironic that leavers are playing the game of 'let's hang on to what we got'
Wana be in guess what the future holds gang GOSH

1914; Britain declared war on Germany after the Germans had violated the Treaty of London by invading Belgium.
'the war to end all wars' began.
The United States declared their neutrality.
There was no 'special relationship' at the time of the British Empire and Britannia ruled the waves.
No nation state stays top dog for ever - the life of empires is becoming shorter and shorter
How long will the EU last as wealth and power travels eastwards!
Wanna be in a 'the near future is with the EU' Gang GOSH

2014; People in the UK were encouraged to turn off their lights between 10pm and 11pm, leaving only a single light or candle for a symbolic act of reflection and hope in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of World War 1.
On the eve of Britain officially entering the war, Sir Edward Grey, the Foreign Secretary, uttered the words "The lamps are going out all over Europe, we shall not see them lit again in our lifetime."
Now the real threat is 'global warming'...
It is the greedy gits of all nation states that are playing the 'lets hang on to what we got as long as possible' game GOSH

Will Greece as a nation state play the 'lets hang on' game longer than the UK
Let's hope not!

MON 5th AUG 2019

910 The last major Viking army to raid England was defeated at the Battle of Tettenhall by the allied forces of Mercia and Wessex, led by King Edward and Earl Aethelred.
The Normands were descendents of the vikings...
Are those who have a greater need; more ruthless; or, does every dog have its day!
Wanna be in what kind of gang GOSH

1305; Sir William Wallace, Scottish hero and champion of Scottish independence who beat Edward I at the battle of Stirling Bridge, was captured by the English and later executed as a traitor.
Wanna be in a 'the times - of political masters - they are surely changing' gang GOSH

1620; The Mayflower departed from Southampton on its first attempt to reach North America but the sister ship, the Speedwell developed a leak. It had to be refitted at Dartmouth and, after further leaks (or possibly sabotage) the Mayflower made the 60 day crossing alone.
Fast forward...
What has Israel got in common with the USofA! The oppressed have become the oppressors
Wanna be in a 'if I only had time' gang GOSH

1792; The death of Lord Frederick North, British Prime Minister whose indecisive leadership led to the loss of the American colonies.
Fred was a whig; a greedy git opposed to a gang of greedy gits.
It is accepted bahaviour for greedy gits to have a scapegoat... Nobody stays top dog for ever...
Do you really want to be in a greedy git gang GOSH

1816; Francis Ronalds built the first working electric telegraph in his garden on Hammersmith's Upper Mall.
He offered his new invention to the Government, who dismissed it as being 'wholly unnecessary'.
At this time the government was relying on a visual system (the semaphore) and it took a further 20 years for the electric telegraph to be commercialised.
The love of money makes a capitalist world go around.
Do you really wanna be in a 'lets hang on to what we got' gang GOSH

1858; The first transatlantic cable was officially opened, with Queen Victoria sending a telegraphic message to US President James Buchanan.
Say, 'no more'
Wanna be in a two forward and one back society gang GOSH

1986; Princess Anne rode Gulfland to win the 3.45 at Redcar; her first victory as a jockey.
Royal pr does not live up to public scrutiny...
The king/Queen is dead; long live a more affordable republic
Wanna be in a republic gang GOSH

Greece has two things more positive than the UK in the near economic future
I) It has chosen to remain in a near to home trading block
11) It is already a republic ...

TUES 6th AUG 2019

1504; Matthew Parker, archbishop of Canterbury was born.
He had an extremely long nose and was extremely inquisitive, hence the expression 'Nosy Parker'.
Despite the lack of use the expession today - we all know a 'nosey'
The trouble is they don't admit to themselves; they are being nosey - whatever the personal reason.
Are you in a 'nosey parker' gang GOSH

1809; Alfred Tennyson, English poet was born. He is the second most frequently quoted writer in The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations, (after Shakespeare).
Tennyson wrote a number of phrases that have become commonplaces of the English language, including "Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all", and "Theirs not to reason why, theirs but to do and die".
Different nation states have different - but the same - folklore,
Is that funny - as in peculiar!
Wanna be in an international understanding gang GOSH

1962; Jamaica became independent, after being a British colony for 300 years.
In this period of national indeciveness and inequality there is a significant minority who would glady turn back time.
Wanna be in a 'well you can't' gang GOSH

Greece as a nation state is looking to the future - not turning back time

WED 7th AUG 2019

1711; The first race meeting was held at Ascot, established by Queen Anne, thus giving them the status of 'Royal Ascot'.
Will hoss racing and the associated gambling go underground with the death of betty 11.
Gambling is on the back burner - the queen owns race hosses; many plebs gamble on a hunch.
Very few professional gamblers stay ahead in the game - the odds are deliberately stacked against them; whichever form of gambling they think they become proficient in.
Wanna be in a 'the house always wins' gang GOSH

1840; The employment of climbing boys as chimney sweeps was prohibited by an Act of Parliament. This act - passed by a whig government - was rarely enforced.
Modern working conditions were fought over and obtained by trade unions.
The in or out decision has been influenced by 'the working class can kiss my arse; I've got the foremans job at last'.
The sooner this nation state gets back to making things - unionised or not - the better off this nation state will be. Wanna be in a 'making things' gang GOSH

2001;The government bought and re-nationalised a private hospital for the first time.
The Department of Health paid £27m for the luxury private Heart Hospital just off Harley Street in central London.
This hospital - originally NHS - was owned by Asians - ran into finacial difficulties and was purchased back into the NHS; now a trust owned facility.
It was a bailout of privatisation.
Trusts are a hybrid organisations - both public and private.
To what extent they are private depends on public opinion.
Wanna be in a nationalised gang GOSH

2012; Fifty year old Jessica Harper, former head of fraud and security at Lloyds Bank admitted carrying out a £2.4m fraud over a period of 4 years.
Most bank fraud is carried out by insiders - let's blame the damn Russian hackers.
The bankers are at it again big time - despite the crash and bail out of not so very long ago.
Do you really want to be in a reaping the seeds of thatchers deregulation gang GOSH

The plebs of Greece have just voted to go the way of deregulation and privatisation.

THURS 8th AUG 2019

1296The Stone of Scone, on which Scottish kings had been crowned for centuries, was seized by King Edward I of England
It is just recently reported that it was 'knicked' by students and now lies in a secret location back in bonnie Scotland - in two pieces.
It is put about that the scone - now in two bits - is merely a copy; and, the original is still in London.
Just another less beligerent battle in the war for the hearts and minds of men and women
Wanna be in an independent gang GOSH

1834; The Poor Law Amendment Act was passed in Britain.
The Act dropped the system whereby parishes cared for their poor by a rate of poor relief and replaced it with the workhouse.
And so began the era of 'Victorian Values'
An age when if one was just above the workhouse; one could rent a rope - clothes line fashion - to sleep on.
When I were a lad; proud honest people could find means of existing without state assistance.
As time goes by; we are now in an international economy where people have to rely on the state to exist.
There is good and bad at all levels of 'society' - we are all human; aren't we...
As 'society' - it was a one M Thatcher that literally questioned the very existence of 'society' - takes two forward and one back are we not all guilty of 'looking the other way'
Poverty throughout time is relative - many people are too proud to be poor
Wanna be in a look the truth in the face gang GOSH

1958; In Britain, Columbia Records signed a 17 year old singer called Cliff Richard.
Cliff has many houses (mansions) on this planet; and is in the process of suing you and me
His 'pal' greedy git tax exile Richard Branson sued you and me for the loss of a NHS contract.
He settled out of court for a small fortune and massive expenses.
Justice must be seen to be done...
You are in a greedy gits laughing all the way to the bank gang GOSH

2002; The UK's biggest undertakers Co-op funeral services, reported that bereaved families preferred pop songs to hymns at funerals.
Unusual choices requested included 'Another One Bites The Dust' by Queen and 'Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go' by Wham!
Most small family undertakers are now owned by the greedy git americans - they kept the family names for pr.
The various divisions of the coop are now a hybrid owned by the coop group.
The bank is now totally owned by an american hedge fund.
The hedge fund bought out the bank using (funny Money) electronically printed at the time of Quantitave Easing.
Don't mention the minister on methadone chairmanship fiasco - or the future of the NHS A ruse by the capitalism of american banking to stay ahead of the game.
Wanna be in a 'special relationship' gang GOSH

Greece has staked its future on a 'special relationship' with the EU.

FRI 9th AUG 2019

1721; Prisoners at Newgate Jail were used as 'guinea pigs' to test vaccines used against disease.
it is truly amazing what goes on in this nation state that the other 'half' don't know about.
The establishment of any nation state plays on this fact... And just lie when found out.
Wanna be in a more truthful gang GOSH

1870; The Elementary Education Act was passed.
It gave compulsory, free education to every child in England and Wales between the age of five and 13.
Today; in the era of inequality education has become an industry.
Despite private education holding charitable status; how many people are ware of the no. of 'free' schools going bankrupt; or having to be bailed out.
Wanna be in a state education; keep politicians out of it; gang GOSH

1979; Brighton established the first nudist beach in Britain, despite protests from those fearing depravity.
The 'women' don't fart characteristic of the UK trying to rule OK
Wanna be in a 'women do fart' gang GOSH

Different nation states have different characteristics...
Is the nation state of Greece being out of character by voting to let the greedy gits sort out the debt problem
How many plebs know we are in the dying breaths of the international (1%) ruling the western economic front

SAT 10th AUG 2019

1842; Britain passed the Mines Act - forbidding women and children from working underground.
Ashley Young who was instrumental in the passing of the act, (later Lord Shaftesbury) was a Harrow and christ church toff who was elected to the seat of woodstock - a pocket borough owned by the duke of marlborough
Though a tory at heart; he soon became an ardent member of the peelite splinter group.
A deeply religious man; he also had a hand in the abolition of slavery and other things of great reform
Is there such a thing as a good conservative today!
Some on all edges of the political spectrum seem to think so.
Wanna be in a socialist gang GOSH

1911; British MPs voted to receive salaries for the first time.
If you don't believe that a large percentage of those that are making tough decisions on behalf of the poor are career politicians in 2019
You need less nastiness in your nous
Another member of the governing gang has said,'we are in unprecedented times' - we are not; it has all been done before with different tags attached.
Wanna be in an honest politician gang GOSH

1961;Britain applied for membership of the EEC - the European Economic Community.
We; joined in 1973 - how much water has flowed through the English/French channel since then!
Wanna be in a leave/stay in gang GOSH

2003; The temperature in Britain exceeded 100° F for the first time when 101.3 °F (38.5 °C) was recorded in the hamlet of Brogdale near Faversham, Kent.
How much damage from flooding is put down to global warming and how much to lack of maintenance in an economy under pressure!
Some - mostly greedy gits - are ignoring the threat of global warming; ignore it at your peril...

Greece is already warm island nation state.
How much longer can a nation state with massive loans to repay ignore global warming

SUN 11th AUG 2019

1332; In the Wars of Scottish Independence, - independence from england - at the Battle of Dupplin Moor, the Scots under Domhnall II, Earl of Mar (and Regent of Scotland for just one week) were routed by Edward Balliol, claimant to the Scottish throne. Ted Balliol was the son of king John of Scotland - yes the one that was beaten by Bob the bruce.
Brexit - what ever happens - will help bonnie Scotland be independent again...
I could be wrong; I could be right...
In this time of great indecision! are too many people sitting on the border fence! Wanna be in a 'I can hear the grass grow' gang GOSH

1587; Walter Raleigh's second expedition to the New World landed in North Carolina.
Walts' - wanna be a really rich kid by chinning people - exepeditions were financed by the stay at home greedy gits
Walt lost his head to James 1 after being on the side of Betty 1
Wanna be in a life goes on gang GOSH

1941; President Roosevelt and Winston Churchill signed the Atlantic Charter, largely to demonstrate public solidarity between the Allies.
Was this the 'green shoots' of the special relationship!
The 'special relationship' - apart from banking; whom have had society by the short and curlies is long gone.
Do you really want to be in a 'let's hang on' gang GOSH

1975 The Government took ownership of British Leyland, the only major British-owned car company.
Today; many - not all - nation state members - despite the rules of the EU - still have some percentage of say in how their multi-nationals operate on this planet.
We in the UK have gone down the route of total privatisation - just like our chum to go; the home of capitalism; The USof A
Wanna be in a time for real change gang GOSH

Has Greece gone down the wrong road by democratically bringing back into power the gang of greedy gits that chose to take on the dodgy loans.
The Greeks have temporarily chosen death and destruction over democracy.
The way(s) of the world EH!

MON 12th AUG 2019

1944 The first PLUTO (Pipe Line Under the Ocean) supplying fuel across the English Channel to the Allied forces in France, went into operation from the Isle of Wight.
It could transfer up to 700 tons of fuel a day.
Today all sea beds are strewn with all sorts of pipe...
Not so long ago I was flicking across tv chanels - as you do - when I came across a program called, 'massive machinery'.
The vast majority of massive machines were made by the Germans.
Anway; I watched intently, as massive ships laid a continuous sea bed pipe from Russia to the UK- there was a branch off to Europe...
The purpose of the pipeline was to supply Russian oil - it came on line a fornight before 'we' withdrew the majority of our forces from Afghanistan.
Complicating matters even further; the pipe line came ashore in Scotland.
You try keeping all the ingredients of what is a brexit dogs breakfast in the air at once.
Wanna be in a 'lets get back to basics - not John Major basics - gang GOSH

1997; The British Tourist Authority came under fire for dropping the Union Flag from its publicity material.
'Little things that you say...'
'Little things that you do'.
2003; BBC journalist Andrew Gilligan answered questions from the Hutton Inquiry over his report that the government 'sexed up' a weapons dossier on Iraq.
The establishment - part of society - and porkies EH
Wanna be in a gang that tells less lies GOSH

The new right wing establishment of Greece will come out with more than a few porkies.
How many will be seen to be calling the porkies down right lies!

TUES 13th AUG 2019

1704; French and Bavarian forces were routed by a combined British, German and Dutch army at the Battle of Blenheim, in Bavaria .
The victors lost 6,000 soldiers compared with 21,000 French and Bavarian troops.
Blenheim has gone down in history as one of the turning points of the War of the Spanish Succession.
Never ever forget - though some (many) do - that one of the founding aims of the still led from the centre right EU was to prevent another war in Europe.
Brexit does not help in any way...
Wanna be in a 'are you from Europe! well I'm from Europe too' gang GOSH

1814; The Cape of Good Hope Province (north America) became a British colony when it was given over to the British by the Dutch for £6 million.
Did the dutch know something that the brits didn't; or, was it a case of death and destruction over democracy at the time!
The american war of independence ended in 1783 at the treaty of Paris - the level of french participation is well under stated/stood.
The special relationship was reinvented in the thatcher/reagan era. The american civil war ( over slavery ) was started in 1861
The original cape of good hope is in South Africa; apartheid and all that.
The UK government has just finished paying off the loan that was taken out to compensate slave owners.
One of the biggest multi-nationals (oil etc) on this planet is jointly owned by UK and the Dutch.< br> The dutch can speak better english than most UK citizens
Wanna be in a 'the fun has just begun over global warming' gang GOSH

1977; Members of the National Front (a far right, racial nationalist, political party) clashed with anti-NF demonstrators in Lewisham, resulting in 214 arrests and at least 111 injuries.
'Sticks and stones may hurt my bones;but, calling may not hurt me'
In the age of democracy are we under under estimating the latest rise of the far right.
Wanna be in a centre left gang GOSH

Has Greece with its loan repayment problem got less troubles the more advanced nation states in the near future!

WED 14th AUG 2019

1040; King Duncan of Scotland was murdered by Macbeth, who then became king of Scotland and ruled for 17 years.
And; many think that macbeth was just the cream of some young mans fertile imagination.
The truth is indeed stranger than fiction...
Wanna be in a truthful gang GOSH

1852 The first public lavatory was opened, on London's Fleet Street. There's not many free public ones left now.
Heres some graffiti from when I were a lad.
'Here I sit broken hearted; paid a penny and only f.....
Rather ubique; by no means unique; not always a truism; was written on the door of a sitee down cubicle in the mens public toilets of Usworth (Washington) Park.
My mother made me a lesbian! If I give her the wool, will she make me one.
In biro on the wall of the corridor of womens loo in the Eldon Grill (fish bowl)
I wasn't that well served in the sixties; but,laugh; I nearly f.....
Wanna be in an 'each generation to its own' gang GOSH

1979; John Stonehouse, the former government minister who faked his own death, was freed from prison.
His clothes were found neatly piled on a Miami beach...
Johny boy wasn't the only 'career politician' of any hue, to become vilified over time.
'Power corupts; even temporary absolute power corupts absolutely'
Wanna be in a bereft of coruption led gang GOSH

1969 The first British troops were deployed in Northern Ireland to restore order.
' Operation Banner', as it was named, was initially to be a limited operation but it lasted for 38 years.
The link between economics and religion is fast disappearing - there are some who think (know) it is gone.
Wanna be in a less religious gang GOSH

Greece is still a religious nation state compared to the UK.
Time for change...

THURS 15th AUG 2019

1856; The birth of James Keir Hardie, Scottish politician.
He founded the British Labour Party and was its leader from 1906.
The Jocks and labour party have had an alliance of differing degrees ever since.
Let us hope that the SNP is more socialist than centre - in this important moment in british political history to come
Even a geordie (loosely) - a jock with his brains kicked oot - knows that the split between the haves and haves not is west to east.
Edinburgh is the base of the anglo/scottish banking community.
Wanna be in a socialist - far from communist - gang GOSH

1947; Pakistan was founded when British rule over the region ended.
India gained independence from Britain, and the Union Jack was lowered in New Delhi for the last time.
Pandit Nehru became India’s first Prime Minister.
The harvest from the seeds sown by the British Empire is yet to be fully gathered...
And; you,yes you, want to take a chance on WTO Rules OK
Wanna be in a much safer, closer, gang GOSH

1988; Glasgow passport office started to issue the new EEC passports.
It was the first office to be computerised to dispense the burgundy coloured documents, which replaced the traditional blue ones.
Reception to them was mixed.
Not so long ago the UK decided to return to the 'blue' passport.
Reception to them was mixed when it was announced by the tory government that they would be printed/made in the EU - not the UK.
Wanna be in a you can't be selective when trying to turn back time gang GOSH

2013; Google announced that it was to loan out its Trekker wearable backpack to the Canal & River Trust, who would use it to capture footage of some of most scenic parts of Britain's 200-year old waterway network.
Pals in the era of individual endeavour PR eh!
Trust; the modern version of the word 'Trust' is an euphanism for privatisation - many NHS hospitals are now grouped together in 'trusts'.
Wanna be in a learn the truth gang GOSH

In my experience; the higher up the establishment of any organisation - the more prone one is to lie(y)ing and uneccessary secrecy.
Some organisations have more to 'hide' than others...
The Greeks have just narrowly voted for more secrecy...

FRI 16th AUG 2019

1743; The earliest prize-ring code of boxing rules was formulated in England by the champion fighter Jack Broughton.
Was Jack a have or have-not!
Boxing is making a comeback - boxing today is a most curious hybrid; it is mentored very little indeed by the establishment...
It is seen as a self disciplined way out of the gutter by the combatants, and; exploited by the opportunistic 'men in the middle' non-combatants.
One thing is true over time, 'a good big'un beats a good little'un.
Wanna be in a democracy over death and destruction gang GOSH

1819; The Peterloo massacre took place at St Peter's Field, Manchester when militia, with sabres drawn, charged on a crowd of 60,000–80,000 gathered to hear discussion on the reform of parliamentary representation.
At least; 15 people were killed and 650 - some terribly - injured.
The establishment knows the importance of keeping the military forces on side - that is why most of em are young and don't know any different.
Wanna be in a the times are changing gang GOSH

1930; The first British Empire Games (now the Commonwealth Games) were held at Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
Wanna be in a 'here's to the future in Europe with change' gang GOSH

1952; Twelve bodies were recovered and 24 people were missing, feared dead, in a flood which swept through Lynmouth in north Devon.
This is the kind of fact that global warming deniers ( usually greedy gits) feed on.
If; you, don't believe in global warming!
You; need less water on the brain.
Wanna be in a nation state that trades mostly with its near neighbours gang GOSH

Greece has just voted to give power (marginally) to the greedy gits
Desperation politics is not restricted to the plebs of Greece.
Theres nowt as queer (the old meaning) as folks...

SAT 17th AUG 2019

1483; The date presumed that two young princes, the uncrowned Edward V and his brother Richard, Duke of York, were killed in the Tower of London.
The king is dead; long live the king...
Historians have fingered richard 111 (yes dick the turd) as the one most likely who gave the order for their death.
It wouldn't happen today; would it!
The love of money has been alive and well in this nation state since 'thatcherism'
Wanna be in a time for change gang GOSH

1958; Britain announced plans to continue nuclear testing on Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean.
The true strength of 'our' nuclear detergent is a not so well kept secret.
When Scotland goes independent; do we realy want those subs on the tyne!
Wanna be in a 'we can't afford to be a 'nuclear nation' now gang GOSH

2000; Prince William passed three A-levels and secured a place to study history of art at the oldest university in Scotland, St Andrews.
Willy (heir to the throne) is living proof that one can be rich and thick...
Don't mention tim but dim...
Wanna be in a I'm far from living in a meritocracy gang; however, I'll make an exception when it comes to the 'royals'No GOSH

Greece is under the cosh at the moment,
There are two main reasons why it will overtake the 'UK' in the near future:
It has marginally chosen to be a member of a near nation trading block.
It has been a parliamentary republic since 1975 - despite having a chequered totalitarian past.

SUN 18th AUG 2019

1587; An expedition led by Sir Walter Raleigh landed at what is now Roanoke Island, North Carolina.
Seven days later, Virginia Dare, granddaughter of governor John White, became the first child of English parentage to be born in America.
The single majority of Americans is of UK lineage - alas; most of the money is of European descent.
The land of the free and brave is just like the UK- split right down the middle.
Will mass migration sort out over time; the present problems of the western world!
Wanna be in a 'here's to the future; the fun has just begun' gang GOSH

1783; A huge fireball meteor was seen across Britain.
Analysis of observations indicated that the meteor entered the Earth's atmosphere over the North Sea, before passing over the east coast of Scotland and England and the English Channel.
It finally broke up, after a passage within the atmosphere of around a thousand miles over south-western France or northern Italy.
Science and history have proved that the world is not flat...
Planet earth is part of the universe; which is part of...
Do not worry; the end of the world isn't nigh...
Wanna be in a 'I want to live for ever' gang GOSH

1941; Britain's National Fire Service was established.
Established a mere two year into the 'second' world war
A war where we have just finished paying off the loans to the special relationship nation state that entered the war after pearl harbour!
As wealth moves away from the west; eastwards
The rich establishment making tough decisions on behalf of the plebs have got it wrong again dad.
The(voted in) establishment in trying to be seen to be fair have really messed up.
I was a local authority fireman/fighter - believe you me; you don't want a fire engine crewed by 60 year olds pulling up outside your house; its a young mans game...
There is a hell of a difference between an office and physical way of earning a living
Wanna be in an 'austerity doesn't rule OK' gang GOSH

2014; The final piece of an aircraft carrier left BAE Systems at Portsmouth, signalling the end of shipbuilding in the city by the end of 2015, with heavy job losses there and in Scotland.
The SNP have just nationalised what is left of the Glasgow shipyards.
Are they too late to rescue what is now a divided broken Britain!

Greece has just voted in austerity.
Austerity will only aid and abet the movement of wealth eastwards.

MON 19th AUG 2019

1561; Mary Queen of Scots arrived in Scotland (following the death of her French husband Francis II,) to assume the throne after spending 13 years in France.
The heir to the throne is dead; long live the heir to the throne...
Man and woman have always played their cards close to their chest...
In this era of woman's lib being on the front foot; never ever forget that the seemingly socialist Bliar babes voted almost to a man; for war.
Wanna be in a 'can't you see I'm a man' gang GOSH

1612; Three women from the Lancashire village of Samlesbury were put on trial, accused of practicing witchcraft.
It was one of the most famous witch trials in English history as all three - Jane Southworth, Jennet Bierley, and Ellen Bierley were acquitted.
The charges against the women included child murder and cannibalism.
In contrast, the others tried at the Lancaster Castle assizes , including the Lancashire Pendle witches, were accused of maleficium i.e. causing harm by witchcraft.
This was well into the ever so long period of death and desruction; over 500 years ago - how many generations!
Men are from Mars; woman from Venus; the battle of the sexes has gone on since before pussy was a kitten (all puns intended)
In the present split; individuals from both sexes will take individual advantage on behalf of their sex...
Wanna be in a know the difference today gang GOSH

1685; The beginning of the 'Bloody Assizes' in England with Judge Jeffreys regularly sentencing people to death.
In the age old quest for wealth - 'rebels' the losers in them days; were killed or died a slow death due to disease of deportation.
One of the first was a woman to be tried was sentenced to death by burning - this was commuted to beheading.
The last women to die (alledgedly) by burning was Betty gaunt in 1685 - she was fingered (politically) by a bloke to save his own bacon
Wanna be in 'don't kill any sex' gang GOSH

1987; 27 year old gunman Michael Ryan shot dead 16 people during a rampage through Hungerford, Berkshire.
14 people were wounded, and one of the dead was Ryan’s own mother.
He proceeded to set fire to his mother’s house, and the worst civil massacre in modern British history ended when he shot himself.
Modern thinking in 'civilised' societies has young MR. Ryan as a 'nutter' - who am I to disagree.
My household - the wife - has a mug with, mothers are like buttons; they hold things together,on it.
Wanna be in a where did we go wrong with Michael Ryan gang GOSH

Greece is considered a league two nation state by many in the present UK.
It is not - it is still more family orientated than the UK...

TUES 20th AUG 2019

1912; The death of William Booth, British founder of the Salvation Army.
Early-day Salvationists started wearing uniform as a natural consequence of the 'army' adopting a military character.
The Salvation Army Eh - fight for me and I'll set you free...
People who will save your soul no matter whatever, organised the same as a 'defence force'.
Can you see the blatent hypocrisy!
Like the special relationship the Sally Bash is a well spent force.
Wanna be in a 'you better move on' gang GOSH

1924; Although considered the likely winner, British sprinter Eric Liddel refused to run in the 100m heats at the Paris Olympics because it took place on a Sunday.
He went on to set a new record when he won the 400 metres on a weekday.
This sort of thing is still alive and well among minority religious sects.
Even in the era when people worship in shoping malls and not the established church...
Do you really want to be in a gang that believes in some sort of god over humans.
Wana be in a 'let go' gang GOSH

1989; In London, the pleasure cruiser Marchioness was hit by a dredger, the Bowbelle, on the River Thames - 51 people attending a party on the boat were killed.
The formal investigation put the time elapsed from the instant of collision at 1.46 a.m. to complete immersion of the Marchioness at a mere 30 seconds.
Those that believe in the belief of god, have great trouble in explaining such an occurence as an 'act of god'
S... happens when humans and money are interlinked is an up to date humanist explanation.
B....... to the excuse of religions.
Wanna be in a 'I hope god doesn't make a comeback' gang GOSH

Greece is supposed to be still a more religious nation state than the UK
Yet it has just chosen to go down the road of austerity.
There's nowt as funny as folk...

WED 21st AUG 2019

1912; The death of William Booth, British founder of the Salvation Army.
Early-day Salvationists started wearing uniform as a natural consequence of the 'army' adopting a military character.
The Salvation Army Eh - fight for me and I'll set you free...
People who will save your soul no matter whatever, organised the same as a 'defence force'.
Can you see the blatent hypocrisy!
Like the special relationship the Sally Bash is a well spent force.
Wanna be in a 'you better move on' gang GOSH

1924; Although considered the likely winner, British sprinter Eric Liddel refused to run in the 100m heats at the Paris Olympics because it took place on a Sunday.
He went on to set a new record when he won the 400 metres on a weekday.
This sort of thing is still alive and well among minority religious sects.
Even in the era when people worship in shoping malls and not the established church...
Do you really want to be in a gang that believes in some sort of god over humans.
Wana be in a 'let go' gang GOSH

1989; In London, the pleasure cruiser Marchioness was hit by a dredger, the Bowbelle, on the River Thames - 51 people attending a party on the boat were killed.
The formal investigation put the time elapsed from the instant of collision at 1.46 a.m. to complete immersion of the Marchioness at a mere 30 seconds.
Those that believe in the belief of god, have great trouble in explaining such an occurence as an 'act of god'
S... happens when humans and money are interlinked is an up to date humanist explanation.
B....... to the excuse of religions.
Wanna be in a 'I hope god doesn't make a comeback' gang GOSH

Greece is supposed to be still a more religious nation state than the UK
Yet it has just chosen to go down the road of austerity.
There's nowt as funny as folk...

THURS 22nd AUG 2019

1485 Richard III of England was defeated and killed at The Battle of Bosworth Field in the last of the Wars of the Roses between the Houses of Lancaster and York.
He was the last English king to die in battle.
He was reinterred in Leicester Cathedral on 26th March 2015 after his body was discovered under what had become a car park.
The short reign and death of dick the turd is covered by shakespeare - more info than one can shake a speare at.
Shake a spear at is a 'whatever' that I wish I had thought of.
The play opens with 'now is the winter of our discontent' and contains near the end, 'A horse; a horse; my kingdom for a horse'.
If; you, don't think that humanity still pursues wealth today!
You, need more than a verbal spear shaked at you.
Wanna be on a planet that reduces the pursuit of power as global warming increases gang GOSH

1642 The English Civil War began, between the supporters of Charles I (Cavaliers) and of Parliament (Roundheads), when the king called the English Parliament traitors and raised his standard at Nottingham.
Charlie one in reality lost his head; remember!
Charlie one and his offspring believed in divine rule - born to be king by the express and total permission of the good lord...
Wanna be in a, ' well he would say that; wouldn't he' gang GOSH

1788; The British settlement in Sierra Leone was founded, the purpose of which was to secure a home in Africa for freed slaves.
Slavery - albeit less colour conscious - still exists today.
You are in - never mind wanna be - a society that takes two forward and one back gang GOSH

Greece has just alledgedly, democratically; voted to take one step backwards...

FRI23rd AUG 2019

1305; Scottish patriot William Wallace was hanged, beheaded, and quartered in London, and his body parts were later displayed in different cities.
His barbaric murder came as a result of Wallace's efforts to free Scotland from the occupying English forces.
Wanna be in a fight for me and I'll set you free gang GOSH

1650; Colonel George Monck of the English Army formed Monck's Regiment of Foot, which later became the Coldstream Guards.
Original recruitment for the coldstream guards came from the poor areas of england.
The coldstream guards was originally on the side of the plebs - monck changed sides and became a royalist.
Most members of todays defence forces are now on the side of the establishment - come on let's follow the geordie boys...!
Wana be in a follow the form gang GOSH

1839; Britain captured Hong Kong as a base as it prepared for war with China.
The ensuing 3 year conflict was later to be known as the First Opium War.
It's all different now; as power and wealth moves eastwards...
Wanna be in a 'turn back time' Gang GOSH

1977 New, smaller pound notes, were introduced into the UK.
A sign of the times...
The full realisation of the sun setting on the British Empire was setling in.
Many members of the common wealth are yet to leave...
Most 'regimes' of banana republics are aware of the ways of the world.
Many of the leaders were educated and trained in England...
If you think that we are any different to banana republics
You will be in a you aint seen nothing yet gang GOSH

1990; Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein appeared on state television with western hostages, provoking a storm of outrage.
The leader of the second biggest oil reserves on this planet used to be on the side of the Western developed nations; led by the USofA.
Oil and its derivatives - the main cause of global warming - will soon be firmly on the back burner.
It's not change; it is the rate of change, that will see many humans die off.
Wanna be in a more socialist gang GOSH

2012 Former fugitive Asil Nadir (71) was jailed for 10 years for the theft of almost £29m from his Polly Peck empire more than 20 years previously.
The company collapsed in 1990 after a Serious Fraud Office investigation.
It was an ex tory minister who had given Mr. Nadir a watch as a gift
Inscribed on the back, 'don't let the bastards grind you down'.
Wanna be in a change is long overdue gang GOSH

It is not just the UK that is split right down the middle - inequality rules OK.
Most nation states have inequality - Greece has just chosen to be more divided; democratically...

SAT 24th AUG 2019

1200; King John of England, signee of the first Magna Carta, married Isabella of Angouleme in Bordeaux Cathedral.
The first magna carta was all about giving more power to the gang that kept the king in power - very, very little indeed, 'trickled' down to the plebs.
Wanna be in a 'the truth is sranger than fiction' gang GOSH

1482 The town and castle of Berwick upon Tweed were captured from Scotland by an English army.
The border town has remained English ever since.
Many moons ago; I was on a rehabilitation course with a bloke from Berwick.
He was rather flummoxed at me calling him Scott Engish!
Wana be in a 'here's to the future; the fun has just begun' gang GOSH

1662; The second statute of the Act of Uniformity required England to accept the Book of Common Prayer in religious service.
Upwards of 2000 clergy refused to comply with the act, and were forced to resign.
This was all to do with the power of the newly restored monarchy and the 'divine' right to rule!
Religion and monarchy Eh!
Do you really want to be in a 'turn back time' gang GOSH

1682; Englishman William Penn, an early champion of democracy and religious freedom, received the area that is now the state of Delaware, and added it to his colony of Pennsylvania.
What have the 'special relationship', inflation and war got in common!
As soon as the next generation forgets...
And there's more.
The 'special relationship' only sees the light of day when it is convenient for the USofA and the UK together.
What link has the special relationship - apart from the miniscule minority that still have actual family connections - actually got.
A peculiar form of capitalism - which has been kept alive by the banking communities of both sides of the atlantic creating funny money out of nothing...
As world wealth moves eastwards how long will the dollar - some call it the time dollar now - last; as the planet lead means of exchanging wealth!
As humankind takes two forward and one back; do you really want to turn back time to the printing money gang GOSH
1947; The first Edinburgh Festival was held.
Yes; it really is that old.
It became known as the fringe; at the beginning of this extended period of individual endeavour leading to the present division powered by inequality.
Wanna be in a 'will change occur more hastily with global warming' gang GOSH

1985; Five year old John Shorthouse was shot dead in Birmingham after armed officers stormed into his house looking for his father.
The british bobby - yes they are a 'family' - is now being given the choice of carrying taser guns
American DA s and top policemen refuse to accept the new DNA evidence simply cos they are trained to find people guilty.
Everything's big in america - including the use of guns...
Wanna be in a 'self determination is a funny thing' it's up to us what kind of society we live in gang GOSH

Is Greece subjected to the same forces as a developed nation state in the global village.
Greece has just chosen to go on the route to inequality.
Let's hope it is short lived...

SUN 25th AUG 2019

1804 Alicia Meynell rode Vingarillo over a four-mile racecourse at York to become the first recorded woman jockey.
She was in the lead most of the way against only one other contestant, but lost.
The battle of the sexes has a long, long way to go yet.
A few women are already bigger than men...
How much of a shame is it that they have to act like men!
Wanna be in - cos you are - men still rule OK gang GOSH

1830; Robert Stephenson’s locomotive 'Northumbrian' took a trial run to prepare for the opening of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway.
Actress Fanny Kemble rode on the footplate, the first woman to do so.
Some men still have a 'women! I've f..... em' attitude.
Wanna be in a 'who am I to disagree' gang GOSH

1867; The death, aged 75, of the English scientist Michael Faraday.
His inventions formed the foundation of electric motor technology, and it was largely due to his efforts that electricity became viable for use in technology.
Most inventions benefit mankind.
Remember the Luddites - the plebs who burned the looms.
The robots are coming...
Robots are made by humans...
It is up to humans what kind of society we have - what ever the temporary makeshift rules.
Wanna be in a 'the rate of change has been too rapid recently' gang GOSH

1917; The Order of the British Empire (OBE), and the Companion of Honour (CH), were awarded for the first time
Awarded and invented by the royalty supporting establishment.
We don't need another hero
Wanna be in a time has run out for royalty gang GOSH

2010; Gareth Williams, 30, an MI6 worker was found in a holdall in the bath at his central London flat.
Police believed that he may have been murdered two weeks previously.
Cross dressing gender bender or not; it is only members of gareths family who remember him now.
Never ever forget the establishment is guilty of nowt - it is in their interest to keep alive and well 'conspiracy theories'.
Wanna be in a much more open gang GOSH

The Greek nation state has an establishment - and, that's no conspiracy theory

MON 25th AUG 2019

55BC; Julius Caesar crossed the English Channel for his invasion of Britain.
Mo man is an island - especially one a mere 21 mile away - then and over time;now
One be in a remain with change gang GOSH

1346; The English, led by Edward III and his son Edward the Black Prince, won the Battle of Crécy against Philip VI of France.
Legend has it, that it was at this battle that the English first used the gesture of holding up two fingers as an insult, as this was how they held their new, and far superior weapon, the longbow.
The empire and times we could afford the arms race are long gone.
Wanna be in a the sooner we change; the better off we will be gang GOSH

1967; The birth of Michael Gove, former Secretary of State for Education and Conservative Party Member of Parliament for the Surrey Heath constituency.
He is also an author and former Times journalist who remains on friendly terms with proprietor Rupert Murdoch.
How can this friend of the rich be a pal of the pleb at the same time!
How can this right wing government of unelected lying and corrupt members of humanity get away with it and be all things to all men and woman!
Wonder how history will write up this ever so short term of time.
Remember the victor writes the history...
Wanna really be in a 'there's nowt as funny as folk' gang GOSH

2014; A report, commissioned by Rotherham Borough Council, showed that at least 1,400 children were subjected to appalling sexual exploitation in Rotherham between 1997 and 2013.
Children as young as 11 were raped by multiple perpetrators, abducted, trafficked to other cities in England, beaten and intimidated.
A prime example of society looking the other way - it's nowt to do with me - in the era of individual endeavour.
Wanna be in a there's nowt as funny as folk as society takes two forward and how many back gang GOSH

The recently elected - by such a narrow majority - right wing government of Greece choose to be on the side of Trump.
The nation state of Greece will soon regret it...

TUES 27th AUG 2019

1784; The first balloon ascent was made in Britain, by James Tytler at Edinburgh.
North of the border; up Scotland way.
Wanna be in a 'you can go your own way' gang GOSH

1877 Birthday of The Hon. Charles Stewart Rolls.
The Rolls family were substantial landowners and benefactors in and around Monmouth.
. Rolls was also an aviator, being the first to fly non-stop across the English Channel and back in 1910.
He was a keen motorist, and participated in several long-distance races - like branson he had the time and money
In 1906 he formed a partnership with Henry Royce to manufacture luxury cars.
The cars - including the bentley - are now owned by the germans; the rest is now owned by the Indians (tata) Since the global village (owned by the 1% of humanity) the sale of luxery cars has increased steadily.
As humanity takes two forward and one back!
Wanna be in a 'let's have inequality' gang GOSH

1896 The start (and end) of the Anglo-Zanzibar War.
It was the shortest (quite bloody) war in world history and lasted for just 38 minutes.
The British Empire at its greatest, eh!
The current american empire is trying to hang on to what we got - it has more than 50 military bases on this global warming planet.
Empires today are still only kept by the threat of death and destruction over democracy.
Wanna be in a 'you can't kid a kidda; - the truth is indeed stranger than fiction; try grasping it - kidda gang GOSH

1995; The Rugby Union authorities announced that the amateur game was turning professional.
The general public - not those that put bums on seats - does not realise how big and brutal rugby (players) is/are today.
Today in the era of professionalism - all sport has become an industry; how long will the squad system and much shorter careers last!
Wanna be in a relatively well remunerated gang GOSH

As inequalty fades away; How long will the right wing, recently elected, government of Greece last.
Can you keep all the globally warmed balls in the air.

WED 28th AUG 2019

1640; The Scots, under Sir Alexander Leslie, defeated royalist English forces under Lord Conway at the battle of Newburn near Newcastle.
Newcastle was then occupied by the Scots in the English-Scottish wars.
Tell me again about, 'a geordie, is just a jock with his brains kicked out'.
There is a greater relative difference in population now, as there was then...
Wanna be in a 'little Englanders are getting smaller; gang GOSH

1833; The House of Commons approved the Abolition Act, introduced earlier by Thomas Buxton, abolishing slavery throughout most of the British Empire.
And you/me thought it was, Bill Wilberforce - he was just one of the leaders.
It was over ten years later that the trading of slaves by Brits actually 'ceased' - slave owners were compensated by the 1833 act...
Wanna be in a 'we can all be so selective to the truth of history' gang GOSH

1972; Prince William of Gloucester was killed when his light aircraft crashed and burst into flames.
Is it true that direct heirs to the throne cannot travel in the same 'plane' - means of transport - in case of a crash.
Ask ever so honest 'air miles andy' - perhaps not!
Wanna be in a let my 'royalty go' gang GOSH

2003; An electricity blackout cut off power to around 500,000 people living in the south east England and brought 60% of London's underground rail network to a halt.
The latest network power cut affected how many millions nationally!
Power cuts didn't occur when the network was nationalised.
Oh yes they did (some of) you cry; cos of the unions...
Oh the irony; of being a trade unionist and living on the same circuit as a mine; that wasn't cut to stop flooding.
Wanna be in less conflict; more equal society Gang GOSH

2013 Leeds businessman Lee Beaumont who became tired of 'cold calls' offering to help him reclaim payment protection insurance (PPI), or install solar panels set up his home phone as a premium rate 0871 number.
Companies who phone him now spend 10p per minute on calls, from which he receives 7p.
The number of 'cold calls' to his 0871 number fell by 66% in one month.
For every gainer there is a loser in the technology arms race.
Wanna be in a 'lets buy a 'BT' - other brands are available - line blocker' gang GOSH

Greece a nation state in the second division of advanced nations on this planet has recently democratically chosen to be a competitor in the wrong time of this planets history...

THURS 29th AUG 2019

1833; Legislation to settle child labour laws was passed in England.
The legislation was called the 'Factory Act'.
As wealth and power moves eastwards - can things only get better for some!
As the increase in retirement age is tested for reaction by the plebs; is it time for a modern day factories act!
Wanna really be in a decisions by the rich on behalf of the poor gang GOSH

1842; The Treaty of Nanking was signed between the British and the Chinese, ending the Opium War, and leasing the Hong Kong territories to Britain.
Now that; times have changed and Hong Kong is back in the hands of the Chinese; the inequality in Hong Kong is much greater than that in our nation state.
The true extent of inequality is hidden by those with a vested interest; the greedey gits.
Wanna be in a time for real change gang GOSH

1997; Britain's Northern Ireland Secretary Mo Mowlam invited Sinn Féin, the political arm of the Irish Republican Army (IRA), to all-party talks on Northern Ireland.
Legend has it that during the northern ireland peace talks this ex blairite bounced her wig off the wall in frustation - she was dying with cancer at the time.
Wanna be in a 'me me me' gang GOSH

2011; Private security firm G4S sacked two members of staff who tagged the false leg of 29 year old Rochdale offender Christopher Lowcock, allowing him to remove it and flout a court-imposed curfew for driving and drug offences, as well as possession of an offensive weapon.
The pursuit of profit EH
We are now being governed by a right wing b/c team who will do 'anything' to get their wicked ( under the guise of ever changing democractic procedure ) way.
Wanna be in a time for electoral change gang GOSH

2013 Lorry driver Ethen Roberts was jailed for five years and three months after admitting causing the deaths of two people when his lorry toppled on to their car on the M62 in West Yorkshire as he read a text message.
Investigators found that Roberts had sent and received almost 100 messages to and from the same friend in the three days leading up to the crash, all when the lorry's tachograph showed that the vehicle was being driven.
Do you know where you are going to!
Wanna be in a 'we are all bloody good drivers now' gang GOSH

The Greek nation state having chosen to remain in the EU has now chose to go the route of capitalistic american individual endeavour.
Will this modern mix end up triumphant; or, will it all end in the cliched tears!
You got to go your own way is democracy; isn't it!

FRI 30th AUG 2019

1146; A conference of 'European' leaders outlawed the crossbow.
It was hoped that by banning the weapon, wars would eventually end.
Despite the prohibition, crossbows continued to be used until the 16th century, when they were replaced by firearms.
The arms race has always been there!
Most of my life it has been hidden away on the back burner...
Today; we are not far away from the cross shot across the bows - we humans are at the sabre rattling stage of going to major war.
Anybody moves and the pleb gets it...
Not all of Europe is against war; not all of America is for war...
Wanna be in a hawks or doves gang GOSH

1871; The birthday of Ernest Rutherford, 1st Baron Rutherford, British experimental physicist who was the first to split an atom.
Never ever forget that the USofA welcomed the german rocket scientists; whom, the month before, worked fervently to dominate the world.
The leading economy of Europe is non nuclear, a nation state that twice tried to form an empire ruling world using force; just recently.
Wanna be in a we can't afford to be nuclear gang now.

2013; MPs rejected possible UK military action against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's government and their alleged use of chemical weapons in which hundreds had died.
After the vote, Prime Minster David Cameron said it was clear that Parliament did not want action and 'the government will act accordingly'.
Open warfare was off the books; secretly, limited killing was still on...
Wanna be in a 'when will 'we' ever learn' gang GOSH

The nation state of Greece previous socialist government has compromised and made a name change to Macedonian claimed territory (independence in the balkans eh!) to keep the peace; in a situation that had once reached trade wars.
Will division raise its ugly head with the change to a more divisive government!

SAT 31st AUG 2019

1848 Accurate and scientific ' state of the weather' reports were first published by Charles Dickens's newspaper - The Daily News.
Charlie was a rags to riches hero to all...
There is a theory in the forces that the biggest bastards were the ones who came up through the ranks - some made it on merit.
Did Mr. Dickens desereve the accolade of being a hero to the plebs!
Is the jury of twelve good men and true still out - there are many on all sides of the present political divide,for whatever reason, who think that the jury is long gone.
Wanna be in a mentors and money go together like a pleb and playing gang GOSH

1900; Coca Cola first went on sale in Britain, fourteen years after it was first sold in the U.S.A.
Charles Chandler, the eldest son of the founder came to Britain with a jug of cola syrup.
It proved so popular that five more gallons were ordered immediately from America.
Which will disappear from society first!
The sugary diet of capitalism or global warming!
Now what was that choice first offered by Hobson again
Wanna still be in a 'you can't have one without the other' gang GOSH

1936; The 1st woman TV announcer, Elizabeth Cowell, made her debut at Alexandra Palace.
A Good 30 year after the suffragete movement first started; and a full twenty year after women started dying for the cause.
The battle of the sexes has been fought in earnest for a relative short time in human history!
Wanna be in a 'you can't have one without the other' - though feminists would argue that modern technology will change all that; never mind the pill gang GOSH

2013 BT turned off its dial-up internet (DUN) access service.
The best dial-up modems despatched data along telephone lines at speeds of up to 56 kilobits per second compared with most broadband technologies that work in the megabits per second range.
In 2010, the last year for which figures were available, an Ofcom spokesman said that about 800,000 people in remote areas still used 'dial-up'.
The makers (profit making apple) have finally admitted that the mobile phone is hackable.
Guess what! The best way to avoid being hacked is to upgrade.
If one is not on the nettie phone; one cannot be hacked...
But; the ones who can afford it - and many that can't - will buy a new phone.
Mobiles are part of the modern day culture economy...
Wanna be in a, they are all part of the global warming capitalism gang GOSH

Greece is divided at the moment.
Funny how international socialism is bad; and international capitalism is good; at this time in history
Global warming will change all that...
How soon; will depend on the resistance put up by the flat earth believing greedy gits.

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