APRIL 16th 2018

On this day

1705; Queen Anne of England knighted the scientist Isaac Newton at Trinity College, Cambridge.
As someone who descibes himself as, to the left of Karl Marx and; has a 'hobby' of digitalisation.
I'm well aware of the luddites; and, the constant drip drip drip of the 'robots' to come...
We are now in the era of leaks; the purpose of which, is to gauge ones reaction to the future
Being somewhat of a student of physchology; and, some one who does not see himself as a clever git GOSH

It is up to us what kind of society we have - regardless of international economic pressure
It is time for political change - are we all in this together?
Here we go again GOSH

1918; Spike Milligan, English comedian and writer was born.
Terence Milligan was a product of the Empire; born in india, a squaddie for 6 years, and had to become an irish citizen cos he refused to swear the oath of allegiance to the UK crown.
Spike - as he wished to be known by - was bi-polar and 'disappeared' for many periods of his life which ended in 2002 aged 83 in England.
One mans humour is another mans tumour - spike was classlessy liked/appreciated by most people...
'I told you I was ill', is not inscibed on his tombstone - the church; god bless them for no one else will, wouldn't allow it.
There but for the grace of God... GOSH

1953;Queen Elizabeth II launched the Royal Yacht Britannia at Clydeside.
She - and the yacht(ship) - was used by the British Royal Family for state visits and diplomatic missions for the next 45 years and is now permanently moored as an exhibition ship at Ocean Terminal, Leith - Edinburgh.
If and when the SNP gets its, to some 'wicked' - in the nicest possible - way, will the yacht as well as the subs have to be moved to England.
Here we (they) go gosh

1982; Queen Elizabeth (betty two) proclaimed the new Canadian constitution, severing Canada's last colonial links with Britain.
Canada - the second largest country physically on the planet - is still a constitutional monarchy.
Will climate change affect its economic status and membership of the commonwealth.
Here we - in this period of extreme -it has happened before - complication - Go GOSH

It is a long time since the Greek empire.
Greece won't come out in the cold world like The UK did.
The nation states under the economic hammer are playing their last card - the military one.
If you don't think that other nation states are not aware; you need some more gattle for your GOB GOSH

APRIL 17th 2018

On this day

1860; The first world title boxing match took place near Farnborough, Hampshire, when Briton Tom Sayers took on American John Heenan.
Despite being 46 lb lighter, Sayers forced a draw after 42 rounds of bare-knuckle fighting.
Times and the rules have have changed so much amd so little since then.
Get em up and grin GOSH

Richard 111 was the last english king to die in battle - pursuing wealth.
1845 at bosworth in a battle of the war of roses for the kingdom of England.
Don't mention, ' a horse... a horse... MY kingdom for a horse; the princes in the tower and 'dick the turd'
Aren't leaders great GOSH

It has been centuries since an establishment leader has been killed putting his money where his mouth is.
Nowadays; 'pressing the button' has taken the decision to go to war, literally. out of the hands of plebs.
Magic money may took the decision to nuke Syria, in the interest of the nation...
Guess which nation states economies have all the 'oil' interest in the Middle east.
Us; america and France; the nation states that carried out the bombing of the chemical facilities.
The chemicals must have been blasted safely to kingdom come...
If all nation state and trading block societies function at 95% truth level.
What level of honesty do establishments function/dysfunction at.
Are they really doing their best - aren't politicians great GOSH

1949; At midnight 26 Irish counties officially left the British Commonwealth.
A 21-gun salute on O'Connell Bridge, Dublin, ushered in the Republic of Ireland.
The predomintly catholic chunk (by far the most of it) of Ireland gained sovereignty from the UK.
In 1973 The Republic of Ireland voted to join the EU - the same year as the UK conroversionally joined.
A referendum was held in 1975 - The UK voted to officialy sort of join.
In 2016 the UK voted in a referendum to leave the EU - sovereignty was one of the reasons.
One mans/womans sovereingty is another mans poverty.
The establishment of this constitutional monarchy is supposed to sort out this dogs breakfast of a political.
Which political system is the most democratic.
If you believe ours (the UK) is; you need some more gore on your garter GOSH

Greece is a democratic republic with a written constitution.
Greece is under the economic cosh at the moment...
The Uk is a constitutional monarchy still trying, to adroitly or not, punch its weight as an Empire.
A week is along time in politics - it is an even longer time at war.
If I only had time!

APRIL 18th 2018

On this day

1689 The death of Lord Chief Justice George Jeffreys, known as the Hanging Judge.
He led the Taunton Assize trials that came in the aftermath of the Battle of Sedgemoor, the battle that ended the Monmouth Rebellion in England.
The trials took place in the Great Hall of Taunton Castle (now the home of the Museum of Somerset).
Of more than 500 prisoners brought before the court, 144 were hanged and their remains displayed around the county. The monmouth rebellion, one of the original religious tribal clashes for wealth between the protestant and catholic gangs GOSH
Catholic Jimmy 11 made georgie boy the youngest ever lord chancellor for his 'troubles'.
don't mention the hundreds that were deported and the many that died in prison.
Wonder if a Judge Jeffreys of today would be a hero to UKIP...
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1740; The birth of Sir Francis Baring, English merchant banker.
Barings was the oldest merchant bank in London until it collapsed in 1995 after one of the bank's employees, Nick Leeson, lost £827 million on speculative investing.
Speculative investing is an euphanism for gambling.
Investment banks are no different to bookies.
The have a front office; where the gamblers work; and a back office' where...
the back room staff are supposed to keep an eye on the front office and make sure that the front office at worst; break even.
Here lies one of the intrinsic 'failings' of capitalism - the manipulation and manoeuvering of money and creation of funny money at this moment in history.
The big wigs were happy to sit back in/on their country seats and let the money roll in; they didn't have a clue or could be bothered what was going on...
Wanna be in my well heeled greedy gang GOSH

1968;London Bridge was sold for £1m to American oil tycoon Robert McCullough.
He decided to knock it down, brick by brick, and have it re-built at Lake Havasu in the United States.
Does this succinctly describe the interim phase of the UK economy; now that the balance of worls power has moved;the other way.
Time for change; capitalism - whatever it morphs into - is merely trying to hang on to what most of us haven't got GOSH
When I were a lad (in the days of a truly mixed economy) people still were payed in cash; now we have to rely on the banks and greedy bankers.
Bitcoin is supposed to do away with the banking system - the present generation of banking community are well set up to dominate bitcoin; if it does take off.
Them yanks call it covering all your bases...
Time for change; let my bankers go...GOSH

You'll never guess what; now the local elections are near, the economy is now OKAY.
There's lies damn lies and statistics.
Do you feel better off - pass the gin Josh GOSH

Greece has a lower standard of living than the UK at the moment.
Imminent decisions will decide the future wealth of generations of both nation states.
Is it really the - or not - the economy stupid!

APRIL 19th 2018

On this day

1775; The start of the American War of Independence against Britain when fighting began at Lexington and Concord.
The land of the brave and of the free!
Many of the southern state settlers that believed in slavery and, were pactising racists in the form of the Ku Klux 'klan' were jocks or descendants of jocks
Put that in your peace pipe and smoke it.
It took a brave man to say he was a socialist in the era of McCarthyism.
You will be in my Gang NO GOSH

'How ya gonna keep em down on the farm! now that the've seen Paree'
Is a song line by an American, written just after the end of the second world war.!
The Us of A is now thousands of percent more cosmoplolitan than it was in the days of a colony.
Don't mention us, america and the nation state members of the EU.
If you don't think - or chose to be blissfully unaware - that the lower down the pecking order the more a pleb was subjected to selective 'social engineering', whatever the form and however subtle,
You need some more demo in your demcracy.
Who put the gland in England! GOSH

1951;The first Miss World Contest was won by Kiki Haakonson, a 21 year old from Sweden.
There were 30 contestants and 25 came from Britain, although all nations could enter. The contest was devised by Mecca publicity officer, Eric Morley, as part of the Festival of Britain celebrations.
1951;The final days of the start of the end of the British Empire,and
The first shots in this battle of the war of the sexes - men really are from Mars and women from Venus.
Men and women live together on the planet Earth...
Nobody, nation state or institution, stays top dog for ever.
Wonder how many generations it will take for women to give out the Gongs GOSH

Different nation states over time have experienced various degrees of female emancipation.
Can one do better than a Greek Goddess!
Some Girls - just like men - will, and
Some girls won't...

APRIL 20th 2018

On this day

1689; The siege of Londonderry began when supporters of James II attacked the protestant stronghold city.
The population nearly starved to death before the siege was ended - 100 days later - on 30th July. Northern Ireland was mostly protestant colonists a few year after Ireland had been conquered by the proddy purist Oliver Cromwell.
It was Scottish jacobites + a sprinkling of french catholic soldiers thay lay siege to Derry.
Derry was given the name Londonderry earlier, under the reign of James 1 - born in Edinburgh; married Anne of Denmark; remember the Uk union and Jimmy1 bible.
If sex and violence are the two main hobbes of humans - don't mention the tribalism of religion and colonialism.
Which tribe insists on the name 'Derry'! Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1974; The conflict in Northern Ireland claimed its 1,000th victim, a petrol station owner from County Fermanagh.
In and around 1993; the UK and EC peace envoy to the Balkans was one David Owen.
Politicians Eh! - they are only doing their best; so they used to keep telling us
If only God - was jimmy jesus really his son! - had given us the gift to see ourselves as others see us
Do you believe you wanna be in my gang GOSH

Over time; there's nothing like a death or two to focus the mind...
Those that experience death the closest, are usualy the most vociferous in the aftermath.
In the pursuit of power - it's the economy stupid - is sex and violence still the most tangible end all form of the pursuit of power!
Or; have we grown out of, Wanna be in my gang GOSH

The nation state of Greece has seen only a few deaths directly attributable to the present pursuit of wealth.
Will the present international sabre rattling induce more!

APRIL 21st 2018

On this day

1671;The birth of John Law, Scottish economist who believed that money was only a means of exchange that did not constitute wealth in itself.
Capitalism is going through a prolonged period of using the exchange of money to create wealth.
To make matters of money worse; those on charge of the money - condoned, aided and abetted by their establishment chums - are still creating money/funny money wealth out of thin air, to stay ahead in the world game.
It's a game with a magic funny money tree - if too many people are allowed to play the game; the whole game collapses and who gets it in the kneck; us plebs of course.
The unreined rules of economics rule OK
Just a few plebs can play the game in my gang GOSH

1828;Lexicographer Noah Webster compiled a two volume work entitled 'The American dictionary of the English language'.
It was the first attempt to standardize the the American language and distinguish it from the English of the British.
Remember when the Germans took the huff at America spying on them.
How many immigrants and offspring of European nation states are now american citizens - one will be unpleasantly surprised Not long after the volkswagon emmision fiddling scandal/hooha broke
And; now the USofA is actively engaged in global trade wars...
And you thought Syria was complicated.
Wanna be in whose gang GOSH

Our 'special' relationship with America is becoming less and less special over the years.
Will the nation states of the EU trading block - economies of scale - soon have a more special relationship than us out in the cold Brit Plebs.
Pick you economic Gang GOSH

1907; Political clubs/organisations in Ireland merged to form the Sinn Fein League.
1916;Roger Casement, the Irish-born British consular official, landed in Ireland from a German submarine prepared to lead the Sinn Fein rebellion, but was arrested as the ‘Easter Uprising’ took place.
The rebellion against the British in Dublin reached its worst level as Irish republicans took over sections of the city, while a Royal Navy gunboat bombarded them from the River Liffey.
Empires and colonisation cause quite a bit bother over time.
Wonder if the vastly diminished 'troubles' will kick off bigtime again, over the Irish border problem created by the marginal referendum result.
There's killers in all gangs GOSH

Greece as a nation state will have their share of people prepared to kill to acheive wealth in the guise of political parties/gangs

APRIL 22nd 2018

On this day

1834;The South Atlantic island of St Helena was declared a British crown colony.
The commonwealth has 53 nation states - charlie boy has just become head honcho; on the recommendation of mummy.
The vast majority of nation states (Nation states now) were colonised when Betty 1 cut down the forests of England to construct the british navy.
St - there hasn't been that many saints lately - Helena is a British overseas territory; they say, they vote to remain so.
Will! after brexit; they go gosh

The Brish military base on cyprus is still an Overseas Territory - were the overseas territories gained by terror under the tories!
Gibraltor is a Brit territory - the only one in the EU; geographically
Brexit will complicate 'GIB' just as much as the Irish Border.
Here we go again GOSH

Most Bots have a number of 'characteristics' in common: They are mostly far flung volcanic islands - total population of around 250,000
They all - with the exception of the Falklands - have much greater inequality than the UK. The all have economies run by an establishment relying on being a Tax Haven.
Don't mention or breezily rush into British Citizenship and immigration; he grunted GOSH

Will UK trade with the commonwealth - Canada, Australia, india and Asia are more or less independent big boys now - and; the status of tax havens within the gang of overseas territories, be affected much by brexit
Are you a gambler GOSH!

1943; Britain stopped printing £1,000 notes.
Part of the war effort; or a sign of a declining economy relying less on actual physical money.
When I were a lad; plebs actually got paid in real money - dont mention brown envelopes.
In the 60's the population was deliberately guided into relying on the banks...
Don't mention reliance on the state.
You will be in my Gang GOSH

Greece is a modern mostly developed Nation State in a gang of fully developed nation states.
All nation states have levels of inequality - some slightly more than us...
You will be surprised at the recent advances made by undeveloped nation states.
They have much more inequality than us...
Time for bringing back/on the unions.

APRIL 23rd 2018

On this day

1348;The founding of the Order of the Garter by King Edward III.
It is the highest order of chivalry, or knighthood, existing in England.
The order is dedicated to the image and arms of St. George as England's patron saint.
Membership to the order is limited to the Sovereign, the Prince of Wales, and no more than twenty-four 'members, or companions.' Wanna be in my elite gang GOSH

We don't need another what kind of hero! If threre's one club/gang that perpetuates the royal family/establishmet and elitism; it's the order of the garter gang NO GOSH

Membership is appointed by the head of the monarchy only.
Is limited to 24; and there are/4 vacant places at the moment.
The current lowest age of members is 69; the ex head of MI5 and the only woman - new apointments are to be made/or not tomorrow
Butchers bakers and brickies, not so much as 'need not apply'; they can't
Wonder if anyone has covertly refused to become a member of the GANG GOSH

1968; The first decimal coins appeared in Britain - the 5p and 10p pieces which replaced the 1 shilling and 2 shilling coins.
Wonder if they will change our currency back as well as them passports.
The non existant regulation of the treasury will allow/cover all bases of the coming of bitcoin.
It's not that long since we physically had/and some posh people still deal in the (1£ and 5 decimal pence)guinea GOSH

Phil the Greek - married to the present Queen - is a supernumerary member of the order of the garter.
Supernumerary members of the royal family have precedence over full members.
The lowest of the low are retired military pensioners who are only there to make up the ceremonial numbers.
Don't mention histo/hyste rical fancy dress.