SUN 23rd April 2017

 The Future King! 2020!  The EU

1348; the founding of the order of the garter by Ted 111 - the highest order of chivalry or knighthood in this green and pleasant land.
The order is dedicated to the image and arms of St George; the patron saint of just England.
Membership is limited to the sovereign, the prince of wales and just 24 other greedy gadgees GOSH

Most con PM's were members - the only 'leftie' was James - call me Jim - Callaghan who took a firm stance with a foot in both camps.
There are two places left; I hear - only well placated plebs need apply (subtly and as discrete as possible; of course)
Wannabe in the greedy git gang GOSH

1968; the first decimal coins appeared in Britain - just the 5p and 10p pieces which replaced the 1 shilling and 2 shilling coins.
I remember when Ford GB changed from imperial to metric - each pipe had one end imperial and tother metric.
Had enough brake pipe on the garage wall to spell where ford had to go GOSH

1982; the Sinclair ZX Spectrum computer went on sale today.
The entry level model had 16 kB RAM and an external tape recorder was needed to load the majority of software.
It was 'a computer for the masses' and much cheaper than its rivals - the Commodore 64 and the BBC Microcomputer.
Who would be a geek GOSH

1983; Canadian snooker player Cliff Thorburn completed the first televised maximum break of 147 during the World Snooker Championships at the Crucible Theatre, in Sheffield.
It is/was alledged; he was a 20 a day man - pints of strong lager; not tabs - don't mention the rest.
He never said much for some one with the gift of the gab GOSH

1990; Charlie - keep your mouth shut - Wilson; the quiet man of the great train robbery gang was shot dead today.
He went out with a bang - or was it a Gangbang GOSH

2014; Leicester Uni - Donny Trump didn't think they would win; neither - put out research that thought ex-pats in Southern Europe were unhappier than those in the more affluent North.
Family ties and the lower socio-economic status of the nation states were two of the main reasons.
Don't mention brexit and property prices - snobs and/or gobs GOSH

Wonder how ex-pats further down in Greece feel about immigration and free movement after brexit.

MON 24th April 2017

 Mary and Francis 2020!  No Sign of Midge or Mist

1558; Mary queen of Scots married the young heir to France - she was 16; living most of her life in France;
he was 14.
They had no kids - one of the earliest un/recorded cases of all grunt and no gonad GOSH

Mary had nearly as many men as Barry manilow - dont mention going off the Cliff.
Marrying into money and heirs is timeless - everybody should have a hobby.
Sex and fighting was and is the game... GOSH

The French elections are following international form.
Anti establishment gut reaction favouring previously little known new champions.
A strange; but by no means new; form of leading from behind.
A politicians promise - the gang is dead; long live the gang GOSH

1743; a bloke called Cartwright was elected into the royal society.
He was given a grant of £10,000 - a bankers bonus - for inventing the power loom.
The few profiting from the; increasingly to be; fewer.
The underclass can kiss my ass...
We'll keep em all behind the glass GOSH

1906; William Joyce - 'lord Haw Haw ' a Brit traitor and nazi spinner; was born.
The nazi machine is credited as the inventor of propaganda - Oh no it wasn't.
Spin is older than word of mouth bible.
One doesn't need a power loom to propagate glad tiding or gloom. GOSH

1932; Kinder Scout was the bump in the Peak Disrict where thousands of ramblers held a mass protest.
Land owned by the few for the very few.
Scotland is in similar position today - the ownership of land.
Home rule is also about who owns the land - not just the oil.
Midges and mist comes to mind
When they get back the land
It will be less of a grind. GOSH

The greedy git gangs will be after the Greek land - they won't be happy with just the national assetts.
Wonder what's happening with our national assetts - Oh! Yes!
We let the greedy gits flog them off to other greedy gits.

TUES 25th April 2017

 King Ted 11  Promise to pay

1284; Ted 11 was born today - the first heir apparent to be given the title, prince of wales.
King at 23; a bad scrapper with the Jocks and French; he became a dandy in a dodgy dungeon and agreed to hand the reigns over to his son - ted 111 - 13 years later; or else.
Some of the jury are still out as to whether he was done - he certainly disappeared - in, a year later by a gang of barons,clergy and knights greedy gits. NO GOSH

Looks like the french have a choice between the UK equivalent of the National Front/UKIP and a hybrid mix of young Lib Dems for the next government/greedy gang.
Wonder what colloquial French is for, 'One really can't make this up'.
You name the game GOSH

1953; Watson and Crick published their paper on DNA in a magazine.
Nine year later they received the Nobel Prize for physiology/medicine - they shared it with a boffin named Wilkins.
Rumour has it that; they nicked the pre-requisite data from a women - Rosie Franklin - who died 4 year earlier.
A multinational inter-uni team in a race to discover the structure of life.
Life is just a game - albeit; such a serious game GOSH

Today is the first anniversary of BHS going into administration - it was sold for a pound and closed down.
164 shops; 11,000 jobs and 22,000 pensions.
Now who was it that run it down - at the same time filling his sea locker with millions in dividends Oh! yes; that gargantuan of greed - the story isn't finished yet - Sir Philip - tax fiddler - Green GOSH

Phil my cup; you fill your boots; was a dodgy dave government advisor - we all make mistakes.
One mans mistakes is another mans millions.
Sir/Mr green isn't the only too greedy by far Gadgee GOSH

The UK economy is far from fixed - without the politics.
The lack of growth is being fuelled by debt - both individual and national.
When does a politicians promise became a porkie and then a lie.
The haves have the promise - we are all living the lie.
Let's play the love of money game GOSH

The banker boys and girls are arguing/squabbling over the Greek loans.
The IMF is blaming the ECB and the Greeks are trying to tap the hard to get World Bank.
The international establishment all have one thing in common - None of them are guilty of nowt
when it comes to keeping ones job/wealth

WED 26th April 2017

 The First Colonists

1607; the first colonists to establish a permanent settlement landed in Virginia.
A mixed group of adventurers - many of them persecuted minorities of a religious flavour.
Today; It is reckoned that 52% of Americans are religious - dont make me swear in/or tighten; the bible belt re. that stat.
The US of A has more overseas military bases than the Brit. Empire ever had.
The religious rabble of retards - I write that in the nicest possible way - must have a Salvation Army drum in their latrine locker.
Pass the gin and glasnost; Glen and Gladys... GLOSH

1886; the Tiller girls were trouped out by a bloke from Blackpool called John... Precision high kick dancers - the 60's version were relaunched and many shook it all out til their late sixties early seventies. The Roly Polies - dictionary definition; short and fat - were a 80'+ product of the novelty comedy culture.
Times and tight sizes change.
Rumour has it that they were rabidly reformed for the inauguration party of Donny Trump - or was it Godsown GUMP GOSH.

1975; labour party members voted by 2 to 1 to leave the EEC as it was called then.
Later that same year - a generation+ ago - the first national referendum ever; gave a large majority remain vote.
This time the UK voted to leave; divided; only just - who got the biggest surprise; UKIP.
If you don't agree, you must be as real as a clitheroe kipper.
All the worlds a stage - have you got a Gauge GOSH

2014; a small greedy git with a fast formula to riches received £300m from the wifes trust fund when they divorced.
Before the era of tax fiddling; it was the other way round.
Will you vote for the rich - are you in the middle for diddle ground! GOSH

2016; the police - long gone or retired - were found guilty of unlawful killing at the 1989 Hillsborough disaster.
18 years later the fans were found not to have peed on a police.
The establishment can't be guilty of now - isn't justice fun - give that man in the uniform a gun GOSH

The last Greek election resulted in a coalition.
As the western world moves to the right - more and more nation states are increasingly becoming equally divided.
Was it a Russian diplomat who 'less than jovially joked', "perhaps, we need another war, to sort it all out".


THURS 28th April 2017

 One Mans Paradise  A Buffoon

1667; a one step from the street, blind bloke called Milton, sold the rights of Paradise Lost for aobout ten quid.
450 years later, western governments bailed out the banks on behalf of the plebs for about tens of billions and counting quid.
Word in the corridors of debt creation is that the Brit banks are now not as bad as the competition - Usof A and the EU. Don't mention the Russian and Chinese banks - Goreblimey GOSH

1828; London Zoo in regents (peoples) park opened today.
Ladies - one of their many names throughout history - were politely requested not to poke the animals...
Have you poked a gorilla GOSH

1840; the foundation stone of the Westminster palace (expenses rule OK) was laid by the architects wife.
The cost of renovation is blowing in the wind - not the corridors of power.
Guessing the cost will be easier than winning the lottery.
Some one will be holding a raffle thingy somewhere - Have a go Joe! JOSH GOSH

1945; the official nazi newspaper ceased production today.
Nearly a year after D Day and 3 days before Mr Hitler topped himself.
How man millions! - the memorials not money.
When will we ever learn - is it that good; going for gold! GOSH

2014; Springwatch presenters Chris Packham and Bill Oddie blamed a risk-averse culture for 'killing childhood'.
"Children should be allowed to get up to mischief in the countryside by starting fires, trespassing and scrumping.
Parents should let their children roam the countryside unsupervised."
Oddie also questioned a current campaign by the National Trust - 50 things to do before you’re 11¾ - in which adults and children take part in activities together,
saying it does nothing to encourage children to get away from older generations. NO JOSH GOSH

How old and faraway was our gang! when...
" Oi! what do you think you are doing"?
"We're pinching your strawberries"
Laugh - we nearly got caught; rolling in the aisles.
The technology and culture of mobiles for the young isn't that smart.
But! I'm not a digital Child; I'm a doddering digital immigrant...grunt, gasp GOSH

How many times does one hear, 'we are going to mention that later on' or see and hear the audience as part of the entertainment.
In the era of instant communication; nothing is live; nothing is real.
The preplanned presentation by the servile servants of the masters of the monitor - three second delays are subjectively convenient and technically cheaper - are a cooperation of corruption.
Life's a game - a media game GOSH

Media maintained muppet comes out with the word mugwump.
What a negative niminy piminy
Banks and thrones may 'break my bones'
But calling will not hurt me.
Belligerent buffoon or grating gonad GOSH

It is often mercilessly mentioned in the media, that the Greeks took too much hay while the sun shined.
If you don't think that the Brits took a lend.
You need another loan for your lavish lifestyle

FRI 28th April 2017

 Botany Bay Crims  A Buffoon

1770; Jimmy Cook; a 'local lad'- more ships than lakeland poets had houses - landed in stingray bay; Oz.
It was later renamed Botany Bay - there was a botanist on board.
Name one Oz flower - Shiela.
Don't mention the Abbos - they looked like gorillas GOSH.

1772; the worlds most travelled goat died - it wasn't called goaty macgoat face.
Round the world twice; on the Dolphin and then the Endeavour - the most senior sailor signed it off and out.
Wonder if they had any sheep on boaard!
What happens on exploration stays on exploration - no giggling GOSH

1789; the crew of the Bounty mutinied against cap'n Bligh.
The crew - minus the set adrift seventeen - eventually colonised what is now Pitcairn Island.
History has the mutineers as a bunch of drunks.
Didn't know those islands were covered in grapes GOSH

When England hosted the Rugby League world cup - not so mant tries ago.
Scotland fielded a team - the only link to Scotland was the shipped in coach
He was the great great grandson of the daughter whose mam had sort of married one of the Bounty mutineers who had some sort of family link to Scotland.
For the love of money it's just a game GOSH

The facts and figures are coming good, fast and furiously, for a strong and stable economy; just in time for the election.
That old adage, 'He who pays the piper; picks the tune'; mustn't be true then.
If! you believe that - you need another freeway on your foofoo valve; Gadzooks GOSH

Wonder what percentage of the greeks fall for the flannel.
Or! do most plebs have a proper gander at the propaganda.

SAT 29th April 2017

 Joan of Arc  UKIP Leader

1429; Joan of Arc was a french pleb; who gained prominence as the 'maid of orleans' in the french/english 100 year war.
She was captured by a rival french faction who handed her over to their english chums; who...
Joan; scrapper/church rapper was burned at the stake; aged 19.
'It's the same the whole world over
It's the rich what gets the pleasure
It's the poor what gets the blame
Aint it all a f...... shame' To be sung quietly and slowly as in dirge; Good god GOSH

1696; three brits were sent to heaven/hell for the attempted assassination of James 111 - who was a foreringer; dont forget
Hull was the first large city to swear allegiance to James 111.
Was this an early example of crazy mixed up kids...
Or! one of the first recorded cases of devolution for dosh GOSH

1909; Loyd George (a liberal) introduced the peoples budget - 6p in the pound for greedy gits earning over £5,000/anum
Nearly £4 hundred thousand/annum in todays money - for the new OAP and to fund the war(s).
Placate the plebs under pressure.
In a coalition with the tories for most of his 'career'...
Was he a prescott to bliar or a clegg to dodgy dave cameron - wonder which financial 'service' they get their dosh from.
Wanna be in which gang GOSH

1993; Buck palace was opened to the public; - only Aug and Sept - to help pay for the restoration of of windsor castle.
Anyone for polo - remember when the greedy gits 'leaked' a return of the royal yacht; it would be cheaper than public expenses.
This was when we heard the royals - on our behalf; of course - were flying all over at public expense.
You plebs should be glad GOSH.

Charlie boy and (h)(r) andy had more public 'helicoptor' money than the rest of the royals and chums - such a large family - put together.
It was andy (him with the biffa boy stare) who sold the 'royal residence' - don't mention fergie - to the arabs for nearly twice the going rate; all them years ago.
Don't mention; money laundering and house price inflation.
It's the rich that gets... Game GOSH

2013; benefits were combined into one single payment - that's the end of the 'something for nothing culture' said I D Smith.
Check out/off the current greedy git expenses list - who would be a politician EH! Don't mention taxes and inequality - It's a greedy git game GOSH

2014; A UKIP advertising poster was humourlessly placed next to a poster trying to flog inflateable tents - No poles required.
You can't get slicker than a UKIP kipper.
If! you believe/maintain that UKIP aren't racist... You need another reasoned route in your retard romper
No giggling - have a great guffaw GOSH

Are those that care; more aware.
It's all gone quiet over there...

SUN 30th APRIL 2017

 Arms of Duke of Norfolk  %age gdp Debt

1513; Edmund de la Pole - good old English name or what- a yorkie pretender to the throne; was executed on the orders of Henry V111. His dad only put him in the dungeons.
Historic examples of greedy gits hanging on to what they got GOSH

It's not just the greedy gits that have an ego the size of an aristocrat.
Some plebs have over egged egos.
Society - it was thatcher that questioned the existence of society - has a conduit.
It has the fancy pants name of social mobility.
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

Free schools and Grammars are the education arm of 'social mobility'.
Not a honest attemp to eradicate inequality - cynical ways to engineer society.
Division not devolution.
We could do with a few more in our gang GOSH

It was a female american journalist/wordsmith that uncovered the politician expenses scam.
It was her dogged determination over a number of years that bought the word 'redaction' to the attention of UK public.
The politicians had the anonymous redacted version ready for publication; when...
the disc with all the dastardly detail ended up in the nub of a national newspaper - worried whistleblower or one off opportunist.
Policy and/or pocket; the parties were all in the same gang GOSH

It was a female Australian journalist/wordsmith that wrote the book about wealth in Britain; a generation ago.
The living offspring of the old aristocracy owned all the land and the families of the landowners owned most of the wealth making businesses.
The protest brexit vote came about cos of the inequality brought about by the selling off of national asetts, the preponderance of reliance on funny money manipulation, and; the concentration of wealth - by whatever means - in the hands of greedy few.
The one% is lucky not gorily greedy GOSH

The Greek Debt decision is due in July.
Will the Greeks as a nation state member of the EU be better of after brexit!
Will Stavros default in Davros.
S. American nation states have said up yours to the repayment of Western bank loans.
Never forget that international news can be a bastion of bias as well as national news.

1328; Scotland gained independence from England after a series of wars - all death and destruction not democracy - ended today.
Wonder how long the next spell of independence will last.
On yonder hill there stands a coo
I think it's gone
It's no there noo...
There they were;gone GOSH

1517; the may day riots - protesting against rich foreigners in London by the locals - were put down by the private army ( not so local yokels) of the second Duke of Norfolk and... Some were hung by a christian codger called Cardinal wolsley - the chums of henry V111.
No foreigners were hurt by the telling of this tale... They were nearly all flemish - not Europeans - no josh GOSH

1707; the act of union; and the jocks, geordies, cockneys and all; were chums/colleagues of a sort again GOSH

1916; the end of the easter uprising - Irish nationalists against British rule - 400 lost their lives.
Wonder if - after the brexit negotiations - the Irish wall/border will be soft or hard.
Death and/or earning a living is now less of a giggle GOSH

1973; more than one million workers/plebs joined a one day strike in protest against the pay restraint and price inflation of the tory greedy git government.
They call the protest 'anti-austerity' nowadays.
Look the other way - people are dying in the dead end street.
Wear the blinkers of bling when going for fools gold. GOSH

1997; landslide victory for phony tony bliar and the yet to be uncovered pseudo socialists.
It took less than a year for some to realise the true colour of middle class middle income socialism.
Enter stage left the lib dems - who were chucked off stage right.
All right of centre wing gravity? and then they were gone GOSH

Who was it that said, 'they are like two cheeks of the same arse'?
Ah! yes; that; what kind of git is he! Galway GOSH

The scholars have always been aware of change - the greedy gits pay for awareness of change.
Trouble is; sometimes change is so complicated or fast... The greedy gits - despite playing the placate the pleb game - don't know if change is coming or going GOSH

Are the Greek plebs in the relatively same place as the Brit or polish plebs.
It's the haves against the have nots - don't mention those that pretend to be in the middle. The EU is a trading block - albeit centre right.
If you as a pleb think that The US of A and the rest of the world really like us! you need... Another shift on your well shafted shuttle.