MON 17th April 2017

 Geoffrey Chaucer  World Bank HQ

1397; Geoff Chaucer spoke the Canterbury tales at the court of Richard 11 - who wasn't the dad of dick the third.
death in the tower and my kingdom for a horse an all that... such short reign
A period of live by the sword.... Religion and Royalty ruled the riches OK - that was the gist, no josh GOSH

1860; the first world boxing championship (fight)took place in England - .
It was declared a draw after 46 rounds of bare knuckled nackering.
There are some that fight for fun - most do it for money...
Many believe that boxing and its many forms should be banned.
It certainly can be a beautiful bounty from belligerence to some; and brutal to impartials; game GOSH

1949; 26 Irish counties officially left the commonwealth today.
The Republic of Ireland was celebrated with a 21 gun salute in Dublin.
They seem to have managed without us - it's home rule for England now.
There's no global village; or is there; the leavers glibly gloat,GOSH

1956; premium bonds were introduced by the tory PM Macmillan - the warmonger that suckered us into Suez. Everyone is a winner - roll up roll up.
A seed of inequality - many giving to the lucky few - was socially sown.
Does everyone still want to be in the Greedy Gang! GOSHHH

2014; scientists - were they social - warned! that losing interest in hobbies and other activities were the first signs of Dementia.
Everyone should have a hobby - the CV favourites films, reading and now watching the telly has turned into them funny little smart phone/little telly things - it's not just generational - they are physicall too little for the older person
Mans - and now increasingly womans - other main activities are sex and fighting.
When one loses interest in them ! is it time to turn to another dimension dimmed by dementia! Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord - Good God GOSH

Greece; well in the Eurozone and the ECB; is now turning in the direction of the world bank for a loan.
Will politics pick a pocket or two.
Greece is committed to the EU - but so were we; and that Gump Trump had no chance...
As politics becomes more and more involved - more and more look away...
Thats how wars start.

TUES 18th April 2017

 The Baring Bros  Nick Leeson Now

Judge - shall we hang him - Jeffreys died today; a weshman who 'judged' the Monmouth rebelion gang.
A chum in wealth of Bill 11; he kept the church in check for the king - is in the altogether...
If you know a man (or woman of law) ask him what he/she thinks about georgie boy jeffreys no josh GOSH

1740; Sir/cur(depends which gang you're in) Francis Baring was born.
Frankie was of Belgian/German descent and a second generation Brit when he and bro started the 'investment' bank.
No brickie from Byker has ever started any form of bank.
Barings went bust in 1995; Nick Leeson was nicked for 'overexposure'
Isn't gambling great GOSH

Young Nick had made quite a few bob for the bank the year before.
He knew the ropes - don't mention the desperate dopes - or mention the boys and girls in the backroom.
The not so publically proclaimed - the directors/owners didn't have a clue; they just sat back and raked it in.
Will you take your gravy to the grave GOSH.

No future brickie from byker will see the inside of a bank (ordinary) for generations to come.
Not because of the 'new' brick laying robot - cos of phone banking.
Their thumbs will be fitter than a Byker Sands rat.
Bank with me; apped the greedy git with glee GOSH

Digital currency is the new bitcoin.
The royal Mint ( supposed to be on our side ) has just gone into partnership with one of the biggest private equity outfits on the planet.
To get into the digital currency game GOSH

Blockchain is the computer coding that makes a digital - no bankers in theory - currency viable.
For the sofware to be internationally 'unhackable'; it will require vast resources of hardware - brickies buy here!
Will there truly be - profit for the affluent pleb - crowdfunding in the game GOSH

Bitcoin used to be an underworld activity - it isn't now - have you seen a Brit bitcoin ATM; other nation states have/had em
Technocrats funded by greedy gits will take over nation state by nation state; if you let them.
Are you a sanguine sucker - time to lavishly lick on the Luddite lozenge.
There but for the grace of god I go GOSH

 A new Greek ATM

Digital currency - a new hybrid of bitcoin - is being pushed privately as a solution to the loan crisis.

WED 19th April 2017

 American Ancestory  Wash Your Hands spoof

1775; the start of the american war of independence.
Democracy with a desperation dash of death and destruction.
Such a thing is made of the special relationship of England/UK and The US of A.
Have a gander at todays demographics - In Engish not UK or German no JOSH GOSH.

Is America more European than the EU!
UK ancestory in America is voluntarily devolved into English, Irish and Scots - not UK.
The dispossessed/disenfranchised of all colours and creeds voted for Trump.
In a couple of generations the 'white' majority will nearly be gone GOSH.

'What we need is a great big melting pot'.
Don't mention the hispanics - some of whom are white.
Wars or not - thats what the human race is gonna get. GOSH

1882; Charlie is my Darwin - the theory of evolution - died at home in Downe; a village of London in Kent He was born in Shrewsbury Shropshire - just west of Brummieland on the way to Wales; look you.
Was God a grafter! who rested on the seventh day; or just a zero hours agency piece of effluent on the GIG GOSH

Is the PM a liar liar pants - sack the spad that picked em - on fire.
A week is a long time in politics...
The division in the cons over Brexit and electoral fraud in the form of overspending; are two of the main reasons for this reluctant snap election call; put forward by the opposition.
The best thing for this country is to get back to making things - not servicing and manipulating money.
Take the hit and invest in people; or...
Lets hang on to what the greedy gits have got GOSH

The Greek nation is no different to ours; politically and economically split down the middle.
Who should we take on! the wealth owning 1% or the Chinese.
Oh! I forgot; Greece is still in a large trading Block.
We lost the Empire and the trading block; the banksters are buggered - don't lose more of our jobs.

THURS 20th April 2017

 Civil War Soldiers Bible  Bank of England

1653; Oliver Cromwell ended the rump parliament - which had followed the Long Parliament; which had governed/ruled during the civil war.
Which led to the restoration; which in time led to parliamentary rule over the divine right of royalty.
A period of open UK conflict with gravity - for some an early grave.GOSH

Fighting over/under religion for money - the human race will be having sex next.
The church will try and influence sex next - you mark my words.
The mark was the German currency before the EU brought in the Euro - Geddit.
Some don't get it - Geddit GOSH

It's always (justice must be seen to be done) OK to kill for your country - but not within your country.
Rules is rules OK; for the common good GOSH.

Men and women have always killed each other for money; no matter how civilised one professes to be.
Does brexit give Brits - the English - more of a carte blanche for open conflict (alliance with the yanks) in this woe there's a chance of war world.
Never forget; one of the main tenets of the EU is to prevent another war in Europe.
What has the continental mainland coast of Europe got that our little island hasn't - masses of war graves.NO GOSH

I never thought that UK irony and hypocrisy would be bettered...
After 20 year of of death and destruction over democracy in Ireland; and the Uk mainland - we sent a peace envoy to the balkans; then...
Not much later; Bliar was made peace envoy to the Middle East.
If only god had gave us the gift; to see ourselves as others see us...
Play the Game Gosh

1968; Enoch Powell (UK tory/Ukip clip) made his 'rivers of blood' anti-immigration speech.
In 1974 he became an Ulster Unionist MP; after refusing an offer from the national Front.
An anti EU, ship jumping, jingoist, elitist enigma or; a man of the (some people) people.
Enoch died in bed; how many plebs had an early grave GOSH.

2016; Betty 11 visited the royal mail delivery office at windsor - only plebs got to post offices (a seperate private organisation/co - it was the 500th anniversary of the postal service.
In 2013 the royal mail was partially floated on the LSE by a right wing coalition government under the guise of an EU directive - the gov taxpayer would look after the 'workers' pension.
In 2014 the London Assembly (to the left just) voted for renationalisation.
2015 the royal mail was fully privatised for no other reason than gain by the greedy gits.
The royal mail pension is now up for grabs - a politicians promise EH - NO GOSH

The Greek Post office is 90% owned by the state and 10% by Eurobank Ergasias - the third biggest on paper.
The post office (mail) will be on the list of privatisations as a condition of the Greek bailout by private international investment banks.

FRI 21st April 2017

 Europe in the 17 Century

1671; John Law; A Jock economist; the offspring of bankers and goldsmiths; who bought a castle near Edinburgh.
Johny boy believed that money was just a means to exchange wealth and not a value of wealth or means of storing wealth.
His economic argument got the bums rush in jockland and the UK to be; and, he ended up in france.
Where the Kking - louis X1V - had been waging way too much war and was short of a bit GOLD GOSH

The move from precious metals to paper money and centralisation of power was easy with someone in need; in charge!
Ever heard of the South Sea Bubble - the Mississippi Bubble was the french equivalent.
The folly or skullduggery of mans greed! GOSH

An international economy/bank crash that sent nation states back to precious metals - for a while...
Joint central investment enterprises controlled by private and politician greedy gits.GOSH

Things can only get better...
Don't mention funny electronic money and 2007/8.
Forget about funny paper/plastic money - it'll soon be where has all the digital gone.GOSH

Was John Law a con man or genius?
He was a quicker than quick dandy that made Beau Brummel look like a Brummie bag boy.
He died destitute in Venice - a gambler with a love of the good life...
A gambler with no funny money or gold GOSH

In the economic climate of today; a 'lefty' is publically slapped down for 'talking down' the economy.
Yet; those - hedge funds and investment companies - that gamble against our economy are the chums of the right and worthy of public praise.
Time for change - let the lobbyers go GOSH

A European by nature and nurture - I can understand the nation state referendum result of Brexit.
For whatever reason - it was a protest vote.
I can't for the wealth of me; truly understand; why some prefer to defer rather than vote for themselves.
Are we still a nation of mercenary muppets - the electorate can't be wrong - give that voter a gong GOSH

Greece is a divided nation - with a coalition control of lefties and a breakaway group of righties.
It was the right in charge when the dodgy loans were made to allow entry into the EU.
The rich have now over-enjoyed a world that has moved to the right.
Time for Change - thats all a pleb will get from a gig economy - change; not a decent life.

SAT 22nd April 2017

 The EU in  2020!

1662; Charlie 11 granted a charter (does a bit credence cost or make money) to the Royal society of London.
It was his dad who got the chop for treason - today treason is no reason for the chop; officially by Law.
Has it really gone all that gore! GOSH

Today in 2017; there is an international march/demo of scientists (and chums) against Trump.
Science and research in these interesting times is such a hybrid.
It is more privatised than the NHS.
I'm not trying to give the game away - but; is it now, even less glory and even more gold. GOSH

1778; James Hargreaves died; the inventor of the Spinning Jenny - Jenny was one of his daughters.
When he began to flog em to support his large family; hand spinners - fearing unemployment - broke in and destroyed many of the machines.
The family had to move from Blackburn to Nottingham...
Spinning jenny was an actual machine before the advent of Trade Unions - not a female PM.
Times change! mind the gap GOSH

1930; the UK, USof A and Japan signed the London Naval Treaty - limiting the construction/use of subs and ship building.
Wonder if it worked wonderfully!
The next election leaking is now testing the written manifestoes to be.
Here's slimming food for expedient thought in a nation with an economy under seemingly perpeptual polarising pressure.
Fund the NHS and all forms of caring for each other from taxation.
Fund the fighting - sorry defence - from charity.
Go on give it a go GOSH

The cons have declared that the foreign aid budget is to be continued unchanged.
If; you don't believe that foreign aid is now just another investment arm of capitalism.
You need to dip your willy in another well; Wally - don't mention anything that rhymes... Golly GOSH

Ps. the length of a leg higher than a footnote.
In a mining town smack bang between Sunderland and Newcastle every time a 5 foot two powerloader came into the local...
He was greeted with the stage whispered, almost reverend refrain. 'Walter'...
One day he explained, he held the record for keeping up the old oil lamps - they were heavy
One can conjure up the cacaphony of cultural collusion.
Boys will be boys (no women or kids now) Eh - grit and grunt against gravity.

The Greek loans are on hold til after the elections.
The EU won't have seen the Brit brexit election (alledgedly)coming.
The Irony; the Greek loans will come to an amicable agreement;and, the EU will become a more amenable organisation cos of Brexit - not any election.