SUN 9th April 2017

 Ted and bro get it   The Royal Family Tree

1483; young Ted v was done in for dosh GOSH
Him and his bro were found in the tower - the tower was both a prison and royal residence at the time; they say...
This sort of inhouse housing happens; when one spends all ones wonga on war.
There's no gang like a greedy gang GOSH

1649; the birth of the Duke of Monmouth; he lost his head when he failed to grab the gelt from James the second.
Whose welsh mate Judge jeffreys - the hanging judge - had more sides than a pound coin and ended his days of deception in the tower.
If you think the middle east is a mess - read about our greedy gangs going for gold.
Go On have a gander GOSH

1747; lord Lovat - a jock jacobite - lost his head for treason; the last in the British Isles it is gasped.
The axe was reserved for nobility - the opposing head greedy gits.
Madame guillotine didn't retire (in France ) until 1977.
Is losing your head better than being gutted GOSH

1969; the first British flight of Concored took off today - it lasted 22 minutes.
The plane/business concept only lasted 27 years...
Kielder resevoir was built to service UK heavy industry...
HS 2 is good for who!
Will robo cars and robo cops come on line first.
If one doesn't pay for a ticket to ride will anti-Luddite law and a robocop car automatically take one to Jail - NO josh GOSH

Charlie Boy - the king is dead long live the king - married Camilla in a civil ceremony at the Guildhall in Windsor today; in 2005
He married the mother of his 'heirs' to the throne at a C of E wedding in London; 36 year earlier.
There's nowt as funny as folk and dosh GOSH

The 'royals' are manoevering for a come-back in Greece.
The Greek economy is under the cosh for dosh more than most nation states.
That's all they need; a bunch of freebie favouring hangers on.
If! the Greek 'royals' succeed; I'll shove my elbow up what I should show in Fenwicks window.

MON 10th April 2017

 Unemployed Riot

1512; Jimmy five of jockland breathed in his first scotch mist - was that an oily to be midge - Today.
He became 'king' aged 17 month; and allied the French against the English.
So young for a 'foreign creche'
He and the job must have been a 'good'un' GOSH
Game on again GOSH

1606; a company was set up to establish the colonial settlements in 'the americas'
1820; the first batch of greedygits/plebs landed in South Africa.
The 'morphing' between oppressed and oppressors began GOSH

1912; that massive (Mc boaty - luxury) boat sailed for NY today.
Jump in the icebox if you want to bring back, steerage for the striving.
The 'banksters' will give you a 'QE' loan to make the 'third for thickies' banners - then buy you out.
Rich; but not famous for five long minutes - give it a go GOSH

1970; P. Mc cartney left the beatles for personal and professional reasons.
Paul (such a nice boy) was the first of the beatles to become a millionare.
If you think you're good enough; give it a go GOSH

1998; the Northern Ireland peace talks ended with the 'Good Friday Agreement'.
Just tired; or the cessation of sex and fighting in the name of god GOSH

It's the same banksters/governments that corrupted LIBOR (the free market) who arranged the Greek Loans.
Nothing to see - move along now.

TUES 11th April 2017

 William and Mary  Fried Mars Bar

1689; william 11 and 111 ( Dutch prince of orange and proddies ) married mary 11 (her dad was catholic king) were
crowned joint monarchs of England Scotland and all of Ireland; by the bishop of London.
The things you do for love!
The pope refused to go GOSH

1713; France handed over Gibralter and Newfoundland to Britain at the treaty of Utrecht.
The treaty was the start of the end of the wars between Spain, Great Britain, France, Portugal, Savoy and the Dutch Republic.
Now who was it that said, " whoever rules the heartland of Europe; rules the world".
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1951;The Stone of Scone, (the stone upon which Scottish monarchs were traditionally crowned) was found
on the site of the altar of Arbroath Abbey in Angus. It had been stolen from Westminster Abbey 107 days earlier by Scottish nationalists who wanted it returned to Scotland.
In 1996, in a symbolic response to growing dissatisfaction among Scots,
the Conservative Government decided that the Stone should be kept in Edinburgh Castle when not in use at coronations.

1952; Queen Elizabeth II announced that her children and descendents would bear the surname of Windsor.
Betty is the 22nd grand daughter of William the Conqueror - known as bill the bouncer in Bournemouth.
Betty married Philip Mountbatten; prince of Denmark and Greece - known as phil the greek in Greenwich.
Both of their parents were Germans; No josh GOSH

1987; a secret agreement was signed between Israel and Jordan - peace in our time EH!
Now which country paved the way to peace by paying off the national debt of Egypt - was it the yanks!
Cross my palm with silver; and gold GOSH

Had some french fries at a place of quite posh nosh.
French fries! they were more like Benelux boils.
The catering companies must be blanching a few second less.
Wonder if the jocks are frying those smaller mars bars, a few seconds less.
Things can only get better and bigger - are you in a go-getter gang GOSH

The southern EU countries - the poorer ones and France - are on the side of Greece.
Post brexit EU diplomacy at its finest.
Greece owes many of these countries money.
Germany has loaned the Greeks by far the most money - Germany is one of the more affluent Northern countries.
It is rumoured that secret talks are now taking place.

WED 12th April 2017

 Mary queen of Scots  Money Supply and Inflation

1567; the earl of bothwell ( more titles than a bellicose boxer and made Harold Shipman seem humane) was found not guilty of the murder of lord danley ( a rich mans puppet/muppet ) - the second husband of mary queen of Scots.
He became the third husband of multi tasker mary.
Some people still marry for/into money.
Never forget that the victor writes the history - give me the gravy never mind the gore.GOSH

The CEO of United Airlines is flying by the seat of his pants.
He is now contrite - now; they are losing share price down money.
Rules isn't rules OK when one loses gelt GOSH

Head honchos were psychologically profiled over a generation ago. GOSH

It was independently ascertained - is any Uni without 'private partners' now; in the Education industry - that
They all had the covert characteristics of Psychopaths at worst; and, sociopaths at best.
A sociopath doesn't give a bankrupt bankers bonus what the rest of society thinks.
Have you ever met/heard of a non user friendly con man!
These grab somebody by the gonads give me the gravy Geezers GOSH

1606; the official flag of England became the Union Flag - England and Scotland.
Wales wasn't incorporated cos it was only a principality - ask a prince.
There you go GOSH

1801; the cross of St Patrick (Ireland) was added.
Don't mention the standard being raised after all the blood and gore GOSH

1939; the prolific playwright, Sir Alan Aykbourn was born.
You'll be surprised at what he wrote - most of his stuff was premiered at a place named Scarborough.
Despite being hanging on in there run down; it's worth a day trip - just to see the changes.
Turn back time - give it a go GOSH

1954; 'Rock around the Clock' by yank 'Bill Hayley' became the first record to sell a million in the UK.
Each generation has their own era.
Streaming had a completely different meaning in those days.
In the late 60's youth started worshipping the shopping malls.
Were the beatles more popular than GOD GOSH

Greek inflation is a lot lower than that of the UK.
Yet the Greek financial prospects are projected to be much worse than ours.
The private banks and conniving cohortic governments have been magicing up funny money for a generation now.
Just another form of inflation. The game is up when inflation - not wealth - trickles down to the plebs.
There's lies; damn lies and statistics - and now we have QE - if I only had time...

THURS 13th April 2017

 Guy Fawkes  Too posh to push

1570; Guy Fawkes was born today; said to be the last honest blokee/person to enter parliament - bang gang bang; well nearly.
In the old days - my young days - every two or three streets; the 'young' community; made a dummy of Guido - penny for the guy
He ended ceremoniously up on the bonfire; along with the local 'rubbish' that households wanted rid off.
Now; with people relying/centralised more and more on the state - there is one less official tip every other year.
Shabby Chic is the new gash GOSH

The most insidious centralisation to control the plebs - money
As If privatisation wasn't enough - governments of all colours are in on the game.NO GOSH

The tweaking to placate the plebs is now a twitch with a glitch.
More and more gamekeepers are seeing the elephant in the room.
Let my poachers go GOSH

1732; a greedy git with the handle Lord North, tally ho'ed the tea tax which blended the 'Boston Tea Party'
Tea/poll... Tax; this could be the start of something big, Or,
Time for a change in the game GOSH.

1919; British troops opened fire on a public order defiant gathering of 10,000 unarmed civilians in India.
The death and destruction division of democracy.
Divide and rule - would one like some Gruel GOSH

1992; the Welsh windbag - Niel Kinnock - resigned; blaming the greedy git gang backed newspapers.
Cap'n Bob Maxwell - there's a market for socialism - a Labour politician ; used to own the perceived to be left leaning Daily Mirror.
Said to his nearest underlings, " I want the paper to have a million pound bingo - but I don't want anybody to win it".
Don't mention murdoch and blair.
Speculating spies are part of the game GOSH.

2014; new research deemed Britishness as:
The monarchy, BBC and Pubs
Shakespeare, the House of Commons and weather...
One third of the population were very proud to be British - compared to 43% ten years ago GOSH

The royals are freebie footpading freeloaders.
Never ever has the neutrality of the BBC been questioned more by both sides - somebody is having a laugh/gaff.
Pubs are now 'grub pubs' - only arses keep seats!
Is this a dagger I see before me! - no it's a smart phone you flipping fool.
The commons are part of parliament - don't mention the lords.
The brit weather - it's a good job we don't rust.
The public have had enough of polls and pundits.
Is the western developed world now all posh GOSH

Grease my palm with gold.
Is it the bankers or politicians trying to do in Greece.
The bankers and their politician chums; I fearfully guess.

FRI 14th April 2017

 Battle of Barnet  A ramp in France

1471; the yorkies beat the lancs at the Battle of Barnet - Ted IV returned from exile in Holland and took over from Henry VI looking after the gold; sorry I meant reclaim the crown.
Give me your land you're just a gland GOSH

No one disturbs the sound of silence re. Brexit; in the MSM.
A time of turpitude or turpor before the tsunami of the nitty gritty. GOSH

1912; the luxury liner Titanic went down in the early hours of the next morning after steaming into an iceberg - of the 2,224 on board 1,517 passengers and crew were 'lost'.
Were the steerage decks locked - yes; by law; to prevent the spread of disease.
The demographics of death; were roughly the same of life expectancy today.
Female rich white from Winchester had a much better chance than a male pleb from Plymouth.
Isn't the lottery life grand GOSH

1932; yes 32; saw the first link of the German Autoban system constructed.
They have 6,800 mile todate.
Most EU developed countries have national infrastructures that benefit their national economies.
We Brits have poverishly ploughed on through public/privatisation made plausible by puerile political persuasion.
HS2 is something that sticks to ones shoe.
Let's go said the; let the train make the gain greedy gits

1983; the first cordless telehone was made by Fidelity (private investment) and British Telecom - they retailed for £170.
The post office telecommunications were privatised in 1981 - phone a friend.
We were well into the era of the novelty culture - it was more than phoney.
Choice - not inequality - was way up the agenda NO JOSH GOSH.

2014; seventeen new scout badges were introduced; they ranged from assessing disability access to public - there's not many truely public left - buildings; to, geocaching - yes; treasure hunting by smart phone app - sending Emails and posting appropiate pictures - not porn - on the internet.
Aren't people great gosh - life is a gastronomic gas GOSH

Will austerity be good for Greece - the greedy gits think so.
Austerity means poverty - poverty is relative; within and without borders.

SAT 15th April 2017

 Samuel Johnston  Kelvin Mc Kenzie

1755; Sam Johnson published, 'A Dictionary of the English Language ' - 40,000 words took 9 years; he reckoned three.
He was paid the equivalent of £230,000 by a group of publishers - the things you do for love; of money.
A rags to moderate riches and rags to less riches again, man of gravity to the grave.

It was Johnson - a bit of a political animal - who said, ' Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel'.
Turbulent times then and now.
Wonder how much 'brexit' will affect the international use of English as the common tongue.
Hard come - easy go GOSH

1793; the B of E issued the first £5 note.
Is the latest one funny money - we dont rust but it does; evidently.
The powers to be, insist there's nowt wrong with it - get on with it you gonads - no giggling GOSH

1925; JM Barrie gave the copyright fee for the 'Peter Pan' books to The Gt. Ormand St. Childrens Hospital.
No mean feat for the son of a Jock tory.
He left a curse on anyone who dared write his biography.
A man of magnificence or a much maligned malevolent mystery - Gadzooks GOSH

Today is the 'anniversary' of the Hillsborough disaster.
The corrupt columnist - cockup or conspiracy; that malevolent muppet Mckenzie has/should be/een sacked by the Sun.
The Sun is owned and influenced by the even more malevolent Murdoch.
Murdoch is godfather to one of the Blair Brats.
Read all about it... about what! the greed NO GOSH

The MSM press in Greece are the same the whole world over - politically and religiously neutral.
No alliance at all at all.
EU membership is on the menu - but don't have a referendum.
If you don't think that the establishment in any shape or form; doesn't lean to the right; you,
Have less brain cells than my uncle walters winnets.

SUN 16th April 2017

 Bonnie Prince Charlie  Goldman Sachs HQ

1746; bonnie prince charlie was seen of at Culloden Moor by a bloke nicknamed the butcher of cumberland.
Charles Edward Louis John Casimir Sylvester Severino Maria Stuart (31 December 1720 – 31 January 1788) was, a catholic backed up by jock jacobites who believed that royalty rules OK; against proddies.
Another episode of death by God GOSH.

1918; Spike Milligan was born today - a few month before Armistices Day 11 hour of 11/11.
Spike was a conscript in the second (1939 - 1945; for the latest generation) world war.
Born in India; of British/Irish extraction; he was refused a British passport cos he wouldn't swear the oath of allegiance - a bi-polar Irishman living abroad in England.
'All men are cremated equal', funny to the end.
'I told you I was ill', were the words he wanted on his headstone... Don't mention the world war graves GOSH

1953; betty 11 launched the Royal yacht Britannia - built in Scotland; it is now a tourist ( no plebs on benifit ) attraction (Not large enough for London - or spin) in the damp part of Edinburgh.
In the era of austerity; the more loyal (richer) greedy gits often launch the idea of another royal yacht.
Give it a Go GOSH

1996; Barclays bank revealed that they had been the target of a fifteen month terrorist campaign by the 'mardi gras bomber'.
Ten years after big bang - the deregulation of all things financial to make the city more 'Competetive' - bought back the banks.
People forget that honest building soceties came about cos banks were ripping us off.
Where have all the good ones gone - want a mortgage!
I've got one; give me the Gaff GOSH

Barclays is the Brit equivalent of Goldman Sachs.
Both have bountiful bags of international beligerent bonus boys
The've both had more fines for corruption than all the rest of england recidivists and Glasgow glue sniffers put together.
The greatest - not enough in nick - Gangs of greedy Gits.GOSH

The not voted in (sack that wardrobe spad) Grungee Grandee of greedy git inebriates inundating inequality; wants the country to unite over Brexit.
Politics and porkies - spin and taking it; doesn't get any grander GOSH

Goldman Sachs (name strange or apt) was involved in arranging the secret loans that made Greece eligible to join the EU.
Ps. don't tell anyone - especially a politician.