The man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo.
The man who broke the bank at Barings.

The man in a gang of city bankers.
The man in a gang of poor city dwellers.

The man in government who gives the orders to the NHS.
The man or woman in the NHS who says "I was only obeying orders", when people die.

The man who blows the whistle.
The man who blows the whistle blowers life apart, using public money.

The man who dined in the bullingdon club'
The man who cant dine in a social club because most of them have disappeared.

The man who gave 0.001% of his huge wealth to charity and gets all the publicity.
The man who gives 1% of his disposable income to charity and...

The man who stole the world.
The man who stole the CIA CD.

The man who came in from the cold.
The man who has to live and sleep in the cold.

The man who invented the television.
The man who started sky television and helped to divide a nation.

The man who poked Camilla Parker Bowles.
The man who poked Camilla with a stick.

The woman who gives alms money back to the poor that gave it to her.
The women who runs a marathon or knits all year for charity.

The man with the tasar gun.
The man with the blind stick.

The man who opened the gate at Hillsborough.
The man who tried to peddle through plebgate.

The man who made millions out of starting wars.
The man who died fighting in them.

The man who runs a firm with part time workers.
The man or woman with three part time jobs and can still claim benefits.

The woman who hacked across the cotswolds on a borrowed police horse.
The woman who died under the hooves of a race horse.

The woman who claimed for two tellies and kept her job as an MP.
The woman who was caught outside a looted store and jailed.

The man who promised to abolish education fees.
The man who struggles to pay them.

The man from public School in the Tory cabinet.
The man from public school in the shadow cabinet.

The middle class muppet from middlesex.
The working class clippie from Clitheroe

The man who lost, left politics and is paid one third of a million pounds to run a charity,
( yes 330 thousand pounds - yes a charity )
The man who won and pretends to be a socialist.