NOV 9th 2018

1847; In Edinburgh, Dr James Young Simpson delivered Wilhelmina Carstairs while chloroform was administered to her mother, the first child to be born with the aid of anaesthetics.
Like all historic 'facts'; the truth is contested...
Chloroform is a man made drug - it is said that jimmy was a lucky right dose self tester.
In this era of inequality; is midwifery at the stage of 'too posh to push'.
In these tough decision times of money makes the world go around; many view the birth of brats as easy come easy go GOSH.

1888; At 3:30 a.m. in London's Whitechapel, 25-year-old Mary Kelly became Jack the Ripper's last known victim. The 'Ripper' was never caught, but the nature of the murders and of the victims drew attention to the poor living conditions in the East End of London and galvanised public opinion against the overcrowded, unsanitary slums.
In the two decades after the murders, the worst of the slums were cleared and demolished.
Did it really take the death of a few women or was it a trigger for the 'working' class at the time
Victorian values and money; Eh!
Article 50 being triggered is a protest of the have-nots; racist or not.
The weaker sex is into mumbo jumbo and worshiping of god more than the male.
Is god solely on the side of greed GOSH

1908; Britain's first woman mayor, Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, was elected at Aldeburgh.
She died on17th December, 1917 and was buried in Aldeburgh churchyard, Suffolk.
1915; The first Women's Institute (WI) meeting in England was held in the main bar of 'The Fox Goes Free' public house at Singleton in West Sussex.
The saying, 'you really can't make that up, comes to the male mind.
The WVS became the WRVS now called the RVS - not like them establishment royalty to espouse and spin an upward leaning military type organisation.
The WI can't half put on a good spread in what is still seen as a male dominated profession/industry.
Stop stuffing that Gob; the times they are a changing...
We are well into a period of, 'Let's hear it for the girls' GOSH

Female emancipation is more prevalent in the more advanced nation states.
Greece and the land of the free have never had a female political leader...
Is Greece still seen as a less well advanced nation state.
Is the home of capitalism seen as the same but different...