FRI 8th DEC 2017

On This Day 8th of DEC

 UK National Park  A Greek National Park

1542; The birth of Mary Queen of Scots, Scottish Queen who ascended to the throne when she was just 6 days old and was crowned nine months later.
A rebellion led to her abdication and later Elizabeth I imprisoned her for a plot to restore the Roman Catholic religion and to take the throne from her.
After 19 years in custody, Mary was tried and executed for treason.
The King/Queen is dead... all perjorative pun intended.
Wanna be in my gang! No; you're a goner GOSH

1863; The world’s first heavyweight boxing championship took place at Wadhurst, Kent.
Between Tom King (England) and John C Heenan (US).
The fight lasted for 24 rounds and King was the champion.
Heenan was America's heavyweight champion under the London Prize Ring, or bare-knuckle rules, but retired after his defeat by the English heavyweight.
Man - and now increasingly women; a minority of both sexes truly believe in 'Mars and Venus; an all that - Still has a love affair with sex and violence
Give that man/woman a gun GOSH

1965; The new Race Relations Act came into force making racial discrimination unlawful in public places.
If! there is not a problem; Why is legislation passed!
Don't mention the minimum wage in many so called developed countries.
Pass the laughing gas - I need a giggle GOSH

2011; Defence Secretary Philip Hammond announced an end to the ban on women serving on submarines.
Female officers would begin serving on Vanguard class nuclear-powered submarines towards the end of 2013 and on the new Astute class submarines from 2015.
Sex and violence - a whole new sort of different future for sons of seadogs and daughters of the depths.
Submarines never used to come a cropper in recent times - especialy those with/without nukes on.
Change doesn't always mean gain GOSH

2013; Northumberland National Park and the adjoining Kielder Water and forest park, were declared Europe's largest "dark sky park".
The award recognises the profound darkness that makes nearly 580 square miles of the county an ideal territory from which to stare up at the night sky.
Kielder water was constructed to supply water to the heavy industry of the north.
It is now a tourist attraction... - don't mention HS11.
Don't you dare mention the lack of 'flood' infrastructure.
If I only had time to wash off the crime/grime GOSH

Greek has 10 national parks - the UK has 14.
Germany - the economic lead/innovator of the EU has 16 national parks.
National parks are a recent phenomina in the history of Man/Woman.
The land used to be all - yes all - private.
The planet is dying - long live the poacher and gamekeeper...