MON 8th Jan 2018

On This day the 8th Jan 2018

 Soup Kitchen   Food Blank

1800; London opened its first soup kitchens for the poor - the poor!
Charities and churches are associated with 'food banks' - the contemporary equivalent.
In the latest recession; charity and food banks have been growth industries - with the church playing catch-up...
If it's regionally grim up North; if one has to be a 'client' of a food bank - how grim can it get GOSH
1940 World War II: Britain introduced food rationing.
Restaurants were initially exempt from rationing, but this was resented, as the rich could supplement their food allowance by eating out frequently and extravagantly, so new rules were introduced.
One rule for the rich and another for the poor - they'll be having perks for parliamentarians next.
How dare they even deliberate openly as to whether joe the pleb public likes em or not.
Life is not a gallant game - I'll just have a quiet giggle GOSH

2015; Oldham Athletic abandoned a controversial attempt to sign the convicted rapist Ched Evans.
Claiming that a backlash from sponsors and death threats caused it to withdraw the offer.
The American businessman owners must be such sensitive souls/ghouls GOSH

Food banks are back big time for the Greeks - relative to the unemployment rate.
The establishment led banks rule the roost even before the real asset stripping begins.
Vote for me and I'll set you free.
Some who are food bank 'clientele' in the UK are in regular employment - I really wish I was making this up...