FRI 8th NOV 2019

November 8th is 'The Feast of the Four Crowned Ones', still marked by some English freemasons.
It commemorates four masons martyred by Emperor Diocletian for refusing to sculpt a pagan god.
In this time for change; all classes and organisations consist of all types of humans - they all have some kind of entry 'code'
In my humble and lifelong opinion; the more secret or semi-secret an organisation; the more, the individuals in it are self serving greedy gits!
Wanna be in a, 'who are you to disagree' gang GOSH

1605; Robert Catesby, the ringleader of the Gunpowder Plotters, was killed by gunshot, along with other conspirators at Holbeche House, on the border of Staffordshire.
He was buried close by but the bodies of Catesby and fellow conspirator Percy were exhumed and decapitated and Catesby's head was placed on the side of the Parliament House.
In the ever so long era of death and destruction; death and destruction must be seen to be done.
Wanna be in a democratic gang GOSH

1965; The bill abolishing the death penalty became law.
It is understood that the more vociferous of the public wanted to retain the death penalty.
The death penalty was abolished cos of the mistakes made by the legal system - which, overall depends on opinion of my learned friend!
The next election - many say - will be decided by brexit.
The brexit - some say dogs breakfast - position is very similar but different to the abolishment of the death penalty.
The future of democracy is dependent on what happens...
Remember the tried and tested, relatively modern, maxim'; as soon as the next generation forgets.
Wanna be in a, 'future gang GOSH

The last Greek election voted marginally sort of centre right to solve the loan and nation state problems.
The EU is a centre right led organisation of nation states - change should come from within...

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