NOV 8th 2018

November 8th is 'The Feast of the Four Crowned Ones', still marked by some English freemasons.
It commemorates four masons martyred by Emperor Diocletian for refusing to sculpt a pagan god.
Masons of any description are still alive - whether they are well is to be debated - in the establishment today.
The majority tend to be right wing - all pretend to be religious; some think they are socialist.
The best depiction of of the masonic movement was in a sixties/seventies kitchen sink drama...
'The mafia of mediocrity'
Even in the era of polarisation and forfeit of freedom by some, who am I to disagree!
Wanna be in my/your gang GOSH

1957; A report into a fire at Windscale nuclear power plant in Cumbria blamed the accident on human error, poor management and faulty instruments.
The fire caused an unspecified amount of radioactive iodine vapour - iodine 131 - to escape into the atmosphere.
The true cost of man/womans rapid progress on this planet over the last century/era of too rapid change is yet to be realised.
'Slow down; I want to get off', is soon to be superfluous.
Are we all on this planet together!
Who are you to disagree!
Are you in a greedy gang GOSH

1965; The bill abolishing the death penalty became law - the majority of joe public believed in an eye for an eye...
Wonder if! and what form, the UK bill abolishing the EU will take.
I've said it before, my heart is with the pleb leavers and my head is with the pleb remainers.
Who are you to disagree!
Wanna be in which gang GOSH

1967; BBC Radio Leicester (the first of the new breed of BBC Local Radio stations) began broadcasting at 12.45 p.m. from a transmitter located on Gorse Hill above the city centre.
Leicester football club has hit the headlines over the death of its owner recently.
Many - most - do not even know where Leicester is...
Who are you to disagree!
Wanna be in my grieving Gang GOSH!

Many Greek plebs are grieving their standard of living.
Despite having a history of polarisation and division; the Greek Nation State will more than likely remain in the EU.
Despite global warming - it is the way of the world.