WED 8th NOV 2017

On This Day 8th of NOV

 Four Martyrs  Benefit Balcony

November 8th is 'The Feast of the Four Crowned Ones', still marked by some English freemasons.
It commemorates four masons martyred by Emperor Diocletian for refusing to sculpt a pagan god.
A prime example of adopt and adapt throughout time...
Does this example of human behaviour demonstrate the link between freemasonry and religion.
We need humans to take a lend of and build our edifices to the subjugation of man/religion
Or, is the real bond, our gang will have four crowns - here's half a crown for you.
In secret; let's wear the regalia GOSH

It takes a person with some strange amount of individual endeavour to join a secret gang for individual advancement.
Give me more ... give me more...
Sign here sucker... you are now a working class spy for good and almighty - we just happen to be rich aswell.
Wanna be in my gang! Guy! GOSH

1605; Robert Catesby, the ringleader of the Gunpowder Plotters, was killed by gunshot.
Some of his chums got it aswell.
He was buried close by; but the bodies of Catesby and fellow conspirator Percy were exhumed and decapitated.
Catesby's head was placed on the side of Parliament House - was it winking!
Everybody should have a good god GOSH

2003 The Countess of Wessex (wife of Prince Edward) gave birth to her first child.
Lady Louise Windsor, born a month early at Frimley Park hospital in Surrey.
The baby weighed just 4lbs 9oz (2 kg).
The Saudi 'royals' - the greedy git family with all the wealth - are scrapping over the money again.
Wonder if our 'royals' will kick off - they already have you say...
Are the rich generally ungallant GOSH

Our rich royals - welcome home - are all in it together...