SUN 8th Oct OCT 2017

On This Day 8th of Oct

 Henry Duncan  Mark Carney

1744; The birth of Henry Duncan, a minister of the Church of Scotland who founded the world's first commercial savings bank.
The first UK bank for plebs (The trustee savings bank) payed interest on its investors modest savings.
Save with me and I'll set you free - there you go GOSH

Was Henry a god fearing man on the side of the plebs;or
An educated middle class man of means playing the game! GOSH

The Trustee saving banks throughout the UK were amalgamated into the TSB group plc in the1970's and early 80's.
The TSB was floated on the LSE around 1985.
In 1995 the plebs savings bank merged with Loyds to form Loyds TSB.
The things financial foundations were laid for the greedy git Gangs.

Remember - especially the brexit girls and boys - all those mutual (still mainly in practise) building societies.
They were formed cos the banks were ripping the plebs off - but you are not a pleb; are you!
The means to a mortgage and owning your own house (don't mention the cooncil) were gobbled (privatised) up by the greedy gits.

Many reasons are proffered for the cause of the 2008 banking crash.
Without mentioning technicalities such as 'full reserve' and 'dodgy dealing'; the true cause of the crash...
Good old/new fashioned greed NOoooo GOSH

Time for a lot of change!
Here we go GOSH

The Greek loans were given and the repayment plan controlled by the international banking and political establishment.
A bloke called phony tony bliar questioned the existence of an establishment. GOSH
There's a victorian hymn with the words, 'stand up, stand up; for jesus...'
It's about godamn time the pleb stood up for himself again...