DEC 5th 2018

1766; James Christie, the founder of the famous auctioneers, held his first sale in London. Christie's main London salesroom is on King Street in St. James's, where it has been based since 1823. My long gone dad was a sucker for them public auctions; in which 'associates' were planted in the audience/crowd to 'encourage' the punters.
Is an organisation like Christies responsible for selling the dream to the plebs.
Christies is certainly guilty of taking advantage of the division between haves and have-nots. The auction house made a fortune just recently; when it sold a Leonardi (original- they hope) for 420 million pounds sterling.
Previously it went for £45 in 1958 at sothebys. One now has so much filthy lucre; one takes ones chance after such a quick online glance GOSH

1913; Britain forbade the selling of arms to Ireland.
Did the greedy gits stop selling arms to the island of Ireland!
Was it a case or not; of - I'll never forget the dirty get; she hit in her handbag - in your own nest.
Is it a fact that the nation states that have the most debt; now have the largest arms industries - don't mention division.
Like people who have lost loved ones in direct conflict; some people who have lost loved ones to economic domination have long memories.
Some people are in for a huge shock when they try to turn back time - let's forget the grime GOSH

1973; During a petrol shortage, the tory ted (don't mention taking us into the EEC) government imposed a 50mph speed limit to save fuel.
Are the 'have' controlled MSM spinning the reasons for the French fuel riots.
In reality it is the UK equivalent of the poll Tax...
Let the greedy hang on to what they got GOSH

2013; Reforms in Chancellor George Osborne's Autumn Statement included that those in their twenties would have to work until they were 70, under sweeping changes to the basic state pension.
The present retirement age for a state pension is 67 - one can oficially retire at 62 if one is skilled enough to do so.
Just one of the tough decisions made by the rich on behalf of the poor - the office bound Civil Service 'person' who was responsible for the graft a bit longer scheme; retired a bit earlier with a huge pension.
Women(many) want equality; the retirement age can be easily accommodated.
One of the proviso's of the loan repayments; will no doubt, be an increase in a pleb working life.
Do you think I have guessed right!