THURS 5th Oct OCT 2017

On This Day 5th of Oct

1796; Spain declared war on Britain - something to do with Napoleon they say.
Get the plebs up front when one is going for gold.GOSH

1917; sir arthur lee donated chequers to the nation as a holiday home for British prime ministers.
Art was the son of an anglican vicar with a military background in the days when money talked and bought a lot.
He married into the money - an american banking heiress.
Arty played the game as a greedy git NO GOSH

1927; The labour party voted to nationalise the coal industry; at the annual conference.
Does one think that the economic/political arguments against, were louder and longer than today.
Underground coal will soon be surfacing again - yes we still import coal. Different gangs - same gold; don't mention Orgreave GOSH

1936; the Jarrow march started today - it was all about the lack of jobs.
In those days it was men only; apart from Ellen Wilkinson - the Jarrow MP.
Inequality was much more profound in them days...
Poverty and a standard of living for the have-nots is fast approaching that degree of relativety.
Can you not see it through your degree DOSH GOSH

1967; a court in Brighton accepted a majority verdict from a jury.
Try getting a trial from a jury nowadays...
Are you not guilty GOSH

It's all gone quiet over there - which means...