SUN 25th AUG 2019

1804 Alicia Meynell rode Vingarillo over a four-mile racecourse at York to become the first recorded woman jockey.
She was in the lead most of the way against only one other contestant, but lost.
The battle of the sexes has a long, long way to go yet.
A few women are already bigger than men...
How much of a shame is it that they have to act like men!
Wanna be in - cos you are - men still rule OK gang GOSH

1830; Robert Stephenson’s locomotive 'Northumbrian' took a trial run to prepare for the opening of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway.
Actress Fanny Kemble rode on the footplate, the first woman to do so.
Some men still have a 'women! I've f..... em' attitude.
Wanna be in a 'who am I to disagree' gang GOSH

1867; The death, aged 75, of the English scientist Michael Faraday.
His inventions formed the foundation of electric motor technology, and it was largely due to his efforts that electricity became viable for use in technology.
Most inventions benefit mankind.
Remember the Luddites - the plebs who burned the looms.
The robots are coming...
Robots are made by humans...
It is up to humans what kind of society we have - what ever the temporary makeshift rules.
Wanna be in a 'the rate of change has been too rapid recently' gang GOSH

1917; The Order of the British Empire (OBE), and the Companion of Honour (CH), were awarded for the first time
Awarded and invented by the royalty supporting establishment.
We don't need another hero
Wanna be in a time has run out for royalty gang GOSH

2010; Gareth Williams, 30, an MI6 worker was found in a holdall in the bath at his central London flat.
Police believed that he may have been murdered two weeks previously.
Cross dressing gender bender or not; it is only members of gareths family who remember him now.
Never ever forget the establishment is guilty of nowt - it is in their interest to keep alive and well 'conspiracy theories'.
Wanna be in a much more open gang GOSH

The Greek nation state has an establishment - and, that's no conspiracy theory

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