SUN 24th SEPT 2017

On This Day 24th of Sept

 A japanese Toff  An English Toff

1564; William Adams popped out for his first breath today, the English navigator who travelled to Japan.
He is believed to be the first Englishman ever to reach the country.
Adams was the inspiration for the character of John Blackthorne in James Clavell's best selling novel Shōgun.
Show me a gun GOSH

A shogun was/is a military dictator; said to be appointed by the emperor - who often in reality; was overuled by the shoguns.
Shoguns were the equivalent of the British Aristocracy.
Japan has consistently elected a centre right conservative party since the last world war.
Japan today is a constitutional monarchy - alledgedly.
Just another gang of international greedy gits GOSH

We have had a mixed relationship with Japan; throughout the ages.
Don't mention the war!
Then again you can - we as a nation have been at war/slapped more heads than any other nation state on the planet.
Although the yanks are giving it a good go to take that record from us.
For those that stay at home - some say emigrate nowadays - aren't wars great GOSH

Now we have to negotiate trade deals with japan and many other nation states...
If you as a brexiteer pleb don't think that the EU wont be in a position to influence those deals.
You need a good kick up the Khyber.
Get ready for the sovereingty effluence; for many years, the affluence will be gone GOSH

Greece is divided almost equally like many other nation states.
It is the german elections today...
Soon we will see how divided the german nation is.