APRIL 24th 2018

On this day

1889;The birth of Sir Richard Stafford Cripps - a rich communist leaning son of a conservative mp
Labour Chancellor of the Exchequer politician from 1947 to 1950.
Cripps was responsible for laying the foundations of Britain’s post-war economic prosperity, and was, according to the historian Eric Shaw, 'the real architect of the rapidly improving economic picture and growing affluence from 1952 onwards.
In those days western nation states were more developed - don't mention empires and military might; or the domination of material resouces of far flung lands - and had no or little trouble in gaining economic advantage.
In a mixed economy the rich didn't have 'the trickle down effect' in the armoury of pacification of the plebs. The economic morphing of the gangs had begun GOSH

In the days of today, the rest of the planet has caught up economically - don't mention trading blocks and brexit - international capitalism in the form of creating and manipulating mmmoney has had an extended run in control; with the OK of nation states and the establishments within.
A period in history that has seen the haves and have-nots of all nation states states being formed into divisive gangs GOSH

1900; The first issue of the newspaper the Daily Express.
It was founded by Arthur Pearson - a liberal by nature; his first job was a journalist on the 'Tit Bits'; won in a competition.
Over time the daily Express has had mixed times and owners...
The present owners can be decribed as much more than neoliberal - say no more re horny housewives.
Trinity mirror - now owned by city shareholders - has/hasn't just bought out the daily expess and star.
The daily mirror was bought in 1984 by labour politician; Cap'n Bob Maxwell - known as the bouncing Check; he was an inveterate suer of any one who came across his path...
He once went to his editorial staff and said, 'I want a million pound bingo; but, I don't want anybody to win it'.
There's a market in socialism...
Let me take you by the gland GOSH

Greece is still in the EU...
The nation state economic leaders of the EU are rightly reckoned to be 'The Germans'
The Germans tried to be world leaders twice by guns - are they now doing it by 'butter'
The Greek meaning of the word 'graft' regarding the germans - the germans own most of the Greek Debt - is very different to that of the germans; politically.