JULY 23rd 2018

On this day

1886; Arthur Whitten Brown, British aviator was born.
He was the navigator of the first successful non-stop transatlantic flight, (14th June 1919), with John Alcock as pilot. Concorde was an anglo-french enterprise to commercially fly at great speed anywhere on the planet - it used military speed engines in ad hoc civilian plane bodies.
It wasn't the technology that beat them - it wasn't commercially viable.
HS 2 will be the same - except it will be much harder to scrap.
They (the placate the pleb and pursuit of profit establishment)/we, will have to hang on until the rest of the network infrastructure gets up to speed.
Will it be another refined example of the canals and costly Kielder.
Is the pursuit of profit all that great! GOSH

1940; The Local Defence Volunteers were renamed the Home Guard by Winston Churchill.
My grandad was in the home guard - he used to sit in a trench and guard the local military airport.
The site of Usworth aerodrome is now part of the city of Sunderland the home of Nissan UK - I don't know if the 30 bob plane museum is still there!
He very rarely talked about life in the first world war trenches - his home guard/first world war uniform and rifle with bayonet almost the length of me, were kept in a full length cupboard until the day he died.
Nation state fighting used to be similar to inflation - as soon the next generation forgets!
War; what is it good for!
Some still really look forward to going to war - they send the easily pliable young to die and be injured.
If! you don't die young war is great GOSH

1995;Britain sent 1,200 troops to relieve the besieged Bosnian capital, Sarajevo.
The death toll in Ireland was approaching 3,000 and we - yes us Brits - sent a peace envoy to the Balkans.
Was it a prime example of, 'it takes one to know one',or
'If only god had give us the gift to see ourselves as others see us'.
Here (where) we go GOSH

1996; The BSE scare was extended after laboratory research showed that mad cow disease could also be transmitted to sheep.
At first the establishment were flummoxed as to how mad cow/sheep disease had spread so quickly.
It was not widely publicised that livestock were traded 2/3 in their lifetime - often across the same valley...
How many times has a 'farmer' said, 'I love my animals'.
Play(ing) the bloody game GOSH

Greece not known for a prolific agriculture or animal husbandry industry did not suffer from a single case of BSE; however, it was affected by it.
The EU banned British beef for ten years - the beef wars.
178 Brits caught the fatal human equivalent (vCJD) of BSE...
Remember that tory minister that had his daughter eating a beef burger on the telly' - stating that humans couldn't catch it...
It is recorded that three visitors to the UK were infected by BSE - one each from: Eire, Canada and the USofA.
Life and death is still a game of chance for all of us.