MAR 23rd 2018

On this day

1645; The birth of William Kidd (later known as Captain Kidd).
He was tried and executed for piracy in 1701 after returning from a voyage to the Indian Ocean.
Despite the legends and fiction surrounding Captain Kidd, his actual career was punctuated by only a handful of skirmishes followed by a desperate quest to clear his name.
Shall we hang him!
This kidd was a jock who lived in the recently urbanised New York.
His hanging and public display of remains in London; had more than a touch of intrigue in the fast moving adversity of the politics of the day...
In a few generations - or less - the belligerent protagonists in the Brexit breakfast will enter the disputed realms of myths and folklore of human history.
Are you a giggly gland GOSH!

1848; The good - give me the money - ship John Wickliffe arrived at Port Chalmers, New Zealand, carrying the first Scottish settlers from Greenock on the Firth of Clyde.
The gentrification of NZ began in earnest - to the detriment of the indigenous population; who, or whatever they were.
Is gentrification the new colonisation! - you bet an immigrants imagination.
As each generation - age is irrelevant - comes on line; the sooner they realise that it has all been done before- the agnostic better.
Those that take a lend of their fellow humans in their non stop race; know this already.
In this present age of austerity and this seemingly ever so convenient instant innovation; it is up to the plebs what comes to Pass - time for big change with consent not adversity.
Let's hang on to what we got; thats why we make em; giz a gun GOSH

1929; Dr. Roger Bannister, the first person in the world to run a mile in under four minutes was born.
His world beating record time was 3 min 59.4 sec. in 1954.
In the 60's athletics - despite the relative wealth of class distinction - was still going strong under the auspices of the Amateur Athletic Association.
Events were held in stadiums; not city centres...
The best slapstick I have ever seen in reality; took place at the end of the meeting at Gateshead stadium.
The pole vaulters carried their own poles in them days - the slapstick!
The winner trying to get out of the stadium while trying to carry two poles and three holdalls.
Two of the holdalls were prizes...
In this era of individual endeavor sport is now professional - it worships mammon and mendacity...
Individuals are con - veniently injured; not resting or burnt out; under the constant pressure to 'compete'...
The real winners are the greedy gits NO GOSH

1991; the circus boy/banker Prime Minister John Major issued his Citizens' Charter.
Failing public service providers would be forced to offer customers cash refunds or face government budget cuts.
Tough decisions made by the rich on behalf of the poor, or playing placate the pleb - 25 year - a generation nowadays - before the Brexit vote.
I'm still flumoxed as to why the country (now countries) moved to the centre right and then marginally to the far right to cure the economic woes of the developed/advanced part of the planet world.
The brexit vote didn't come about cos of immigration or sovereignty - it happened cos of plebs wanting a decent job; therefore a decent standard of living...
Change should have come about from within the trading block - god bless the Chinese and Americans...
Which way will we go GOSH!

The Greeks are the poor kids on the EU block.
Poor kids with a coalition of left and a smattering of breakaway greedy gits government.
Is their democracy in greater peril than ours!