JUNE 22nd 2018

On this day

1611; Henry Hudson, English navigator, was cast adrift with some of his crew after a mutiny in the bay that now bears his name.
The ship was stuck in ice for an eternity - It was the last time they were seen alive.
Hudson was being employed by 'merchants' to find new and quicker sea routes.
The crew were arrested on return to dear old England.
The differences of reward for individual endeavour are/were indeed great GOSH

1680; The 'Sanquhar Declaration' took place in the public square of Sanquhar in Dumfries and Galloway.
The symbolic demonstration, in a speech read by Michael Cameron in the presence of his brother, Covenanter (presbyterian by name and nature) leader Rev. Richard Cameron, was essentially a declaration of war.
It led to the Glorious Revolution and the end of the reign of the House of Stuart.
Many covenanters migrated to america via Ireland - proddies v catholoics.
The Unionism (Scot v Eng) 'conflict' of wealth still goes on today in the era of less religious 'interest'. In the name of more or less GOD GOSH

1802; Britain's Health and Morals of Apprentices Act limited children to a maximum twelve hour working day; whilst under nines were banned from the mills - introduced by the tory establishment dad of the twice PM bob Peel in the aiding and abetting of more profit; not so much a matter of conscience - a predecessor to the factories acts; which were much more pleb organised.
Those dark satanic mills are alive and 'well' in foreign factory fields to 'those' that take generational advantage.
Isn't cant, hypocrisy and the decidedly dodgy denial of duplicity great GOSH

Many of the factories acts were passed in victorian times.
In this 'one back' era of the two steps forward and one back advance of society; there are many who would take us back to 'victorian values.
If you don't believe it; you need a bit less gas guzzling in your gig GOSH

2010; Chancellor George Osborne - remember 'georgie boy' the public school chum of dodgy dave cameron born and bred to be in control - increased VAT from 17.5% to 20% (to take effect from January 4th 2011) and cut welfare spending as he moved 'decisively' to tackle Britain's record debts.
Record debts refers to peacetime.
Today we are in an Economic war that has resulted in inequality - those left behind; call it what you will - and the Brexit vote.
More and more people are questioning the veracity and credentials of the - increasing in number and don't mention the cost - of professional politician/pundit(s)
'Who am I to disagree', he gloated with gloss GOSH

As the developed world divides and lurches to the right over migration; Greece, one of the main EU doorkeepers, is starting to grimace and grin all the way to the bank.
Things can only get better-for some.