MON 22nd Jan 2018

On This day the 22nd Jan 2018

On This Day 22nd January
719; The death of Sir William Paterson, Scottish trader, financier and co-founder of the Bank of England.
Paterson was instrumental in the movement for the Union of Scotland and England, culminating in his support of the Act of Union - 1707.
If; it wasn't for the land and oil; the English wouldn't give two hoots mon; about the sweaty socks.
The Brexit vote and more precise; the post brexit effect on the Scottish economy, will bring about devolution sooner or later.
Where's them haves and have-nots smugglers gone GOSH?

1901; Queen Victoria died, aged 81, at Osborne House on the Isle of Wight. At the time, her reign was the longest in British history, spanned 63 years and saw the growth of 'an empire on which the sun never set'.
If you think that the sun hasn't set on the British Empire and the world hasn't moved on...
You need to take off the greed goggles and have a proper gander GOSH

1955:Joe Davis (who) recorded the first official maximum snooker break of 147 in an exhibition match at Leicester Square Hall.
Snooker is like freedom - it comes and goes; it never stays long...
It is sometimes ephemeral; but, it's never long gone GOSH...

1972; The United Kingdom, the Irish Republic and Denmark joined the Common Market.
Inequality rules OK...
Wonder who will go first - going going GONE GOSH

2015; Survival expert Ray Mears, who was due to make at least £10,000 as a speaker at the Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show was sacked.
He chose caravans as one of his pet hates on the TV show 'Room 101'.
We all make mistakes...
Is it the love of money or integrity that makes the world go around! Bugger the penthouse let's go to ground GOSH

2017; Peter Maddox's (who) bright yellow Corsa car was targeted in the Cotswold village of Bibury.
Vandals! who broke the rear window and scratched ‘move’ on the paintwork.
In 2015 people had started to complain on social media that the car was constantly ‘photobombing’ their photographs of the quintessentially English cottages on Arlington Row, Bibury.
The cottages appear inside millions of colourful UK passports.
In April 2017 a convoy of 100 yellow cars drove through Bibury in an act of solidarity.
Mr. Maddox's replacement car is grey.
Wanna be in my playing at home Gang GOSH

Greece was used as a cheap holiday nation state first by the Brits; then them bloody EU foreigners.
Greece upon joining The EU tried to drag itself up by the chin straps - it is up to the Greek people what happens.
The Brit economic immigration problem! to the Greek; is village to modern city proportions...
Will nation states pull their political punches or use their economic weight to decide the future...