SUN 22nd Oct OCT 2017

On This Day 22nd of Oct

 The windsors meet adolf  Thatcher and Pinochet

1707; Four British Royal Navy ships ran aground near the Isles of Scilly.
Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell and more than 1,400 sailors drowned in one of the worst maritime disasters in the history of Britain.
It was later determined that the main cause of the disaster was the navigators' inability to accurately calculate their positions.
Do you know where you're going GOSH

While there is alot of truth in, 'a bad workman blames his tools'.
Humans have been wrongly blamed for many a mishap/death.
There's nowt wrong with my equipment was the money making cry...
Some gangs are more guillible GOSH

1877 An explosion at the Blantyre mine in Scotland killed 207 miners the youngest aged 11.
It remains Scotland’s worst mining accident.
'Worse things happen at sea', said the sailor to the miner...
'Never mind', the owner cried, 'all my possessions could be much more finer'...
'Who do you think you are, you're not me bleeding china'
Next you'll be wanting to be in my gang GOSH

1937; The Duke and Duchess of Windsor - abdicated king and Wallis Simpson - arrived in Berlin to meet German leader Adolf Hitler.
To study housing conditions - das hat die welt noch nicht gesehen; one really can't make this up...
Tied cottages were still around in 1937...
The rich man in his castle - the poor man at his gate.GOSH

In the two forward and one back advance of developed nation states.
The UK is in the firm embrace of a sustained period of one back for the plebs.
Housing conditions! If anyone thinks that renting and relative poverty aren't the modern equivalent of the 'tied cottage'...
They need another gateway for their gallstones GOSH

2013; Former BBC broadcaster Stuart Hall was stripped of his OBE by the Queen after he was jailed for a series of sexual assaults on young girls.
In June, Hall, aged 83, admitted 14 counts against girls aged from nine to 17 between 1967 and 1985.
The Queen directed that the honour should be "cancelled and annulled" and his name be "erased" from the register.
Wonder if that international greedy git shopkeeper/seller green keeps his... some gadgee GOSH

Wonder how many Greek greedy gits, Phil the Greek is in touch with...
If I had a little money...
It's a rich mans world.