MON 21st OCT 2019

1805; At the Battle of Trafalgar, Nelson gave his famous signal, ‘England expects...’ which flew from the HMS Victory shortly after 11:00 a.m.
The British won this important battle against Napoleon’s combined French and Spanish fleets off Cape Trafalgar, south-west of Spain and left Britain's navy unchallenged until the 20th century but Nelson was one of the day’s casualties.
My time on this planet has seen many changes - in such a short time...
All the generations before did not see as much change.
Wanna be in a slow down change gang GOSH

1824; Portland cement, the modern building material, was first patented by Joseph Aspdin of Wakefield in Yorkshire.
Its name is derived from its similarity to Portland stone, a type of building stone that was quarried on the Isle of Portland in Dorset
Without going into technicalities ( I couldn't anyway ); this type of cement is used in concrete...
The wear valley used to have a cement making prescence - it was sold to the French who in turn sold it to an individual- there it was gone.
One of the reasons of todays division of inequality - more advanced in the UK than other member states.
In the present economic climate (don't mention eco climates) there are some who wish to turn back time.
Wanna be in a 'you can't - change will have to come from within' gang GOSH

1966; 144 people, 116 of them children, were killed in the small Welsh mining village of Aberfan when tons of slush, from a nearby coal slag tip weakened by rain, slid downhill and engulfed the village school, a farm and a row of terraced houses.
The tragedy occurred at the beginning of the school day and on the day before the school closed for the half-term holiday. The children are buried in Aberfan's cemetery, on the hillside above the valley.
The simple memorial to the childen bears the inscription; God came down to gather flowers;
he passed this way and gathered ours
They say you should never go back...
Aberfan is one of the prime examples of life and death in humanity.
The g'good Lord works in mysterious ways?
Wanna be in a there's no god gang GOSH

Greece is a much more religious nation state than the UK.
Then again; it is not as advanced/developed as the UK - look you now

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