JUNE 16th 2018

On this day

1779; Spain declared war on Britain, and the Great Siege of Gibraltar began.
In February 1783 the siege was lifted and the French and Spanish troops retired, disheartened and defeated, after three years and seven months' conflict.
The final peace treaty left Gibraltar with the British, but the victorious British garrison sustained a loss of 1,231 men, and expended 8,000 barrels of gunpowder.
Wonder if the incumbent greedy git gang are split over Gib.
Many will want to flog it off before it becomes worthless; how many year after Brexit.
Let my tax haven/people go GOSH

1880; The distinctive Salvation Army ladies' bonnets were worn for the first time when they marched in procession in London.
Heard the repartee... and all she had on was her sally bash bonnet.
Go girl go... GOSH

1915; The foundation of the Women's Institute, regularly referred to as simply the WI.
Its two aims were to revitalise rural communities and to encourage women to become more involved in producing food during the First World War.
It is now the largest women’s voluntary organisation in the UK - and the royals have gotten their well refined spinning toecap in the door.
The RWVI is capable of a mouthwatering sweet and spicy spread...
Go girl go... is your hobby too gobby gosh

1958; Yellow ‘No Waiting’ lines were introduced to British streets.
Parking in our of what is regarded as developed part of the planet, has now become a pervasive problem.
Is it a conspiracy theory that with all to do with driving fines the establishment considers one guilty!
Are motoring (and other) fines part of local authority income now!
Who am I to disagree, he said with the wry experienced grin of gurgling glee.

After years of driving a 7m motor home on the mainland of Europe; on return to the UK I was done for speeding, on the AI.
Being tailgated front and back in two lanes at 69.5 MPH; by rush hour lincolnshire tractors, alarmingly ensconced in a peugeot 207; I considered it too dangerous and pulled out into the fast lane.
I seen the flash and became aghast.GOSH
I just made the naughty step one day course.
Mostly business men who could afford to drive fast - surprisingly; half the course were foreign females; done for 1 or two over the 30; so they said and so I gathered GOSH

When one gets the 'ticket'; one is given(or was a few year ago) - within the max limit - the choice of a fine and points or the naughty step course.
If you don't think that the insurance 'gang' don't get to know; you need some more humour for your giggling gear.GOSH

Long gone are the days when a insurance 'person' let you know that they knew by reading it on the monitor.
Next July we collide with Mars - it says on/in the database In the era of inequality and economies under pressure do you know if you are talking to a say nowt human or a robot!
Is everybody now in an after your money gang GOSH!

'interested' parties talk up their interests - it's part of the game.
Those that hold the Greek debt say that the demanded austerity - a condition of the repayment plan - is working.
If the same austerity was working in the UK - there wouldn't have been the brexit protest vote.
The Greeks can still leave the Eurozone, the EU, and/or default on the loans.
A week is a much longer time in politics now.
Many nation states have defaulted on loans throughout history.
The USofA created $4trillion dollars by Quantitive Easing to stay ahead in the game of top dog.
The funny money went to bankers... Some economists call it the time dollar...
If I only had time to make something in this increasingly complex world.