MAY 16th 2018

On this day

1532; Sir Thomas More resigned as Lord Chancellor of England.
He opposed the King's (Henry V111) separation from the Catholic Church and refused to accept the King as Supreme Head of the Church of England.
He was imprisoned in 1534, tried for treason in 1535 where he was convicted on perjured testimony and beheaded.
If you are not one of us, ye be a Goner GOSH

Tommy Moore (Well off family) was a catholic establishment lawyer; who didn't believe in the divine right of Kings.
He believed in the power of people but accepted the catholic pope as the head of religion on earth.
Was he an early remainer with religion defining the dividing lines.
As an individual agnostic atheist who used to believe in the belief of God (not a god); I have a certain empathy.
Was he a rare man of principle that went from gang to goner GOSH

1951; The first regularly scheduled transatlantic flights began between John F Kennedy International Airport in New York and Heathrow Airport in London.
Wonder how long it will take for the increasing isloation of The USofA (don't mention Trump or banks) to seriously affect tourism.
Remember Concorde - a joint UK/France enterprise - It went (economically) cos there wasn't enough people, who wanted to cross the Atlantic that quickly; nowt to do with technology.
The kielder dam was constructed to supply water to northern heavy industry - it is now one of the less visited expensive tourist attractions on this less green planet.
How much have they (£2billion) spent on HS2 before it gets anywhere near the ground.
They have got it wrong again bad dad - isn't selfserving mistakenly placting the pleb great GOSH

2013; Following earlier government plans to raise the state pension age, the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA), a 'think tank', found that retirement resulted in a 'drastic decline in health' in the medium and long term.
The IEA is a free market think tank founded by a conservative businessman.
Many of us all all classes who are living longer in retirement would disagree! no GOSH
Life is ruled by the economy; not sense...
It takes a (Any) politician with a pension to decide that those with physical jobs must carry on till near death.
Are you a grafter GOSH!

Wonder what the greedy gits - including UK bankers - of Europe will insist the retirement age of Greek plebs will go up to.