APRIL 16th 2018

On this day

1705; Queen Anne of England knighted the scientist Isaac Newton at Trinity College, Cambridge.
As someone who descibes himself as, to the left of Karl Marx and; has a 'hobby' of digitalisation.
I'm well aware of the luddites; and, the constant drip drip drip of the 'robots' to come...
We are now in the era of leaks; the purpose of which, is to gauge ones reaction to the future
Being somewhat of a student of physchology; and, some one who does not see himself as a clever git GOSH

It is up to us what kind of society we have - regardless of international economic pressure
It is time for political change - are we all in this together?
Here we go again GOSH

1918; Spike Milligan, English comedian and writer was born.
Terence Milligan was a product of the Empire; born in india, a squaddie for 6 years, and had to become an irish citizen cos he refused to swear the oath of allegiance to the UK crown.
Spike - as he wished to be known by - was bi-polar and 'disappeared' for many periods of his life which ended in 2002 aged 83 in England.
One mans humour is another mans tumour - spike was classlessy liked/appreciated by most people...
'I told you I was ill', is not inscibed on his tombstone - the church; god bless them for no one else will, wouldn't allow it.
There but for the grace of God... GOSH

1953;Queen Elizabeth II launched the Royal Yacht Britannia at Clydeside.
She - and the yacht(ship) - was used by the British Royal Family for state visits and diplomatic missions for the next 45 years and is now permanently moored as an exhibition ship at Ocean Terminal, Leith - Edinburgh.
If and when the SNP gets its, to some 'wicked' - in the nicest possible - way, will the yacht as well as the subs have to be moved to England.
Here we (they) go gosh

1982; Queen Elizabeth (betty two) proclaimed the new Canadian constitution, severing Canada's last colonial links with Britain.
Canada - the second largest country physically on the planet - is still a constitutional monarchy.
Will climate change affect its economic status and membership of the commonwealth.
Here we - in this period of extreme -it has happened before - complication - Go GOSH

It is a long time since the Greek empire.
Greece won't come out in the cold world like The UK did.
The nation states under the economic hammer are playing their last card - the military one.
If you don't think that other nation states are not aware; you need some more gattle for your GOB GOSH