JUNE 1st 2018

On this day

1495; Friar John Cor recorded the first known batch of Scotch whisky in Lindores Abbey, Fife.
Ever been to Lindisfarne and seen the now somewhat ruined detached get of your face facilities!
The Church and hooch go back on a long seldom interrupted staggering journey into history.
Hooch even goes much further back than when the church even became organised.
It is now known that most animals - even some insects - like to get off the planet now and then.
Giz another Gin no Josh GOSH.
One of my first fires in the seventies was in a catholic church - wasn't sure whether it was torched; more likely an electric fault in the dragged out again seasonal nativity scene display...
We were crawling up under the thick smoke level when a pair of black shiny brogues appeared...
It was the well served/serviced resident priest.
When it was all sorted; he offered us an early morning tipple - the front pew and corridor to his 'quarters' were overflowing with good will.
Was he drinking to forget! or just a sucker to the sermon of GOD Gosh

One of my last 'big jobs' was the most expensive houses on the NE market at the time.
This time - don't mention second hand car dealing - it was obviously arsing about.
Halfway through what is now described as a protracted operation; the owner turned up and, offered us liquid refreshment.
To say he was well stocked - purely for in-house entertaining, one understands - would be like saying the establishment don't/do tell porkies in private/public.
Or! was he just buying in bulk - an economy of scale...
Today as in time gentlemen/families please, many plebs are taking out pay day loans not buying in bulk to save money.
Time to call time on inequality; or, are you really a greedy Git GOSH

1997; Prime Minister Tony Blair apologised to the people of Ireland for British actions during the Potato Famine 150 years earlier.
Ever heard of 'tatie' wine - my dad used to brew it - alcohol to drink, can be brewed/distilled from almost any organic 'plant'.
As an early teenager, I prised off the top of one of the bottles fermenting/doing its thing in the mysterious 'cupboard'.
Whoosh; I was blinded and caught - oh sweet mystery of life...
Not long after that, the brewing of beer for home consumption was more than common, no matter what your 'class' - was it a matter of economic taste! - don't mention the local breweries
Pubs and clubs were socially accepted as 'male' only - they were physically separate to restaurants.
Was it the eighties that even working mens clubs started having 'restaurants'.
Nowadays we have pub grubs frequented by 'young' families - Oh lordy.
Is change more effected by feminism than economic necessity.
The question/answer is enough to make any man/women/pleb go on the drink.
Give me hope Joanna - don't mention dope - or a good gargle GOSH

Drinking is just like any other vocation/pastime/hobby/religion; one has to practise.
One of the best days of my life was on the ouzo, on/around the Greek island of Corfu.
An ex fishing boat sea trip for around 80 punters only had us ( family of three ), two other couples and the cap'n and one crew.
The two five litre containers of ouzo soon appeared on the orders of the Cap'n/crew.
We 'visited' family and friends near to the shoreline; returned and dropped off two hours/how long late for dinner and the Cap'n bumped his way to the permanent overnight berth.