THURS 16th NOV 2017

On This Day 16th of NOV

John Bright  Mark carney

1811; John Bright son of a Quaker cotton spinner, was born in Rochdale, Lancashire.
He was an MP for Durham, Birmingham and Manchester.
As a Quaker and pacifist he was opposed to slavery and to the Crimean War.
He campaigned to abolish the Corn Laws (1846) and was also a campaigner for free trade.
The John Bright Group employed thousands of Rochdale people in the textile industry for more than 180 years.
Not one for the Blairite gang GOSH

He was a man of/for the middle classes - a liberal; no less.
A gifted orator - the ones who write their own songs make the most impact/money.
Attributed to the reinvention of the phrase,' flogging a dead horse';and
The man who forged the maxim, 'mother of all parliaments'
He said it in the context of the country not; 'westminster'
Said to be the man who led the fight against the UK coming in on the side of the south, in the american civil war.
A man of peace not gore GOSH

He was the man who was the advance guard of the liberal party; and on the side of trade unions.
A man on the left of the lib dems and definitely to the left of Tony Bliar.
There's leaders and bleeders in all gangs GOSH

1976; Seven men took part in an £8m bank robbery raid at the Bank of America in Mayfair, London.
They received jail terms totalling nearly 100 years.
Only £1/2m was recovered.
The judge said the sentence ensured that the thieves would not enjoy the fruits of their haul.
Put the enemies of the people in jail... No Josh GOSH

2008; the over the top risk taking (gambling) of a few thousand greedy bankers caused global melt down of the finance system.
The main players - UK and Yank - waited for retribution - none came immediately.
The banks were bailed out by a supposedly socialist government.
Socialism for the rich gang GOSH

In the afermath a few yanks were nicked; for the Brits; retribution in the form of jail, there was none.
The public (us plebs) were dripfed the full extent of the damage.
Much of the cause and subsequent practice was discovered to be activity bordering on the wrong side of illegality.
The greedy gits were not jailed - they were fined.
And; how did they pay those fines! with more of the funny money that was electronically magicked up.
The gamekeepers and poachers had been - with the blessing of government - greedily morphed into the one greedy Gang NO GOSH

The Greek debt originated cos of the EU nation state economic entry conditions.
When the true state of the Greek economy became 'more open'; secret dodgy deals in the form of more loans were arranged by the international banking fraternity.
Were the majority of Greek plebs aware of this!
Of course they weren't; would it have been different!
Those involved - via their rich chums - would have you think the Greek pleb was complicit.
Anybody moves and the pleb gets it...