FRI 15th MAR 2019

1672; King Charles II enacted the 'Declaration of Indulgence', a first step at establishing freedom of religion in England to Protestant nonconformists and Roman Catholics.
It suspended the laws that punished those who did not attend the services of the Church of England.
The following year the Cavalier Parliament compelled him to withdraw this Declaration.
When Charles II's Catholic successor (James II) attempted to issue a similar Declaration it led to the Glorious Revolution that ousted him from the throne.
I've struggled with religion and became an agnostic atheist.
It was DH Lawrence who literally pushed the envelope and came up with, ' a man in the middle is in for a very hard life indeed'.
What lesson in contemporary times can we learn!
'You can go your own way'.
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1877; The first cricket test between Australia and England was played in Melbourne.
Australia won by 45 runs.
Now; it is not only the batsmen that are on the back foot...
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1906; Rolls-Royce Limited, the British car and aero-engine manufacturing company was founded by Henry Royce and C.S. Rolls.
It makes one laugh when the establishment bangs on about the British car industry - yes some of the supply industry firms are still British; however all the major makers of cars are foreign multi-nationals and; as are nearly all the specialist manufacturers.
Don't mention QE (Quantitative Easing is the latest term - buying up of government bonds - for the printing of money by nation states) QE money has been snatched up by the 'money men' of capitalism.
Time for change...
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1974;The architect John Poulson was jailed for five years for corruption.
He was found guilty of bribing public figures (many in the NE) to win contracts.
1976; The driver of a London Underground train was shot dead as he chased a gunman after a bomb exploded on the train.
1983; A letter bomb sent to the Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was defused by explosives experts. 1990; Iraq hanged British journalist Farzad Bazoft, a freelance reporter for The Observer, for alleged spying for Israel while working in Iraq.
Immediately after the execution, Britain recalled her ambassador to Iraq and all ministerial visits were cancelled.
Bazoft's story contributed to international isolation of Saddam's Hussein's regime and just months after the incident, on 2nd August 1990, Iraq invaded Kuwait, sparking the first Gulf War.
Just a very few instances in the battle between alleged good and evil.
Never ever forget that at one time many of the perished were pals of the (us). In the feigned interest of neutrality...
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In the feigned interest of neutrality, (who said that) the BBC 'question time' has the Greek ex minister of money on.
He left on the same terms as footie managers; by mutual agreement.
If you believe that; you need some more mussel in your moussaka...