MAR 15th 2018

On this day

1906; Rolls-Royce Limited, the British car and aero-engine manufacturing company was founded by Henry Royce and C.S. Rolls.
The quintessential and quirkily English Rolls Royce and other famous marques are now owned and produced by the Germans.
Rolls Royce also made civilian and military things that fly in the sky - they have been a plc, nationalised, floated on the markets and privatised.
The car bits were split up and hived off long ago.
It's longer than you think; the period of making their bit for the greedy gits GOSH.

Don't mention the rover group (which made the mini)et al, being owned by foreign private equity investment holding companies.
All mass production car plants in the UK are now owned by foreign holding companies - just registered in England as English.
And who bangs on about the success of the UK car industry; the gang of well lobbied part time political greedy gits GOSH

I've spent much more on a French multi-national made peugeot car (still family owned) in three years the I did on a British made and owned Rover.
The only fault after 12 year; the drivers side electric window needed a quick bash - in the right place and, timing of course- for it to align correctly when closing.
A sign of the times; or were the old rovers great GOSH

1990; Iraq hanged British journalist Farzad Bazoft, a freelance reporter for The Observer, for alleged spying for Israel while working in Iraq.
Immediately after the execution, Britain recalled her ambassador to Iraq and all ministerial visits were cancelled.
Bazoft's story contributed to international isolation of Saddam's Hussein's regime (who had previously been a pal of the West) and just months after the incident, on 2nd August 1990, Iraq invaded Kuwait, sparking the first Gulf War.
There's hawks and doves and fortunate good timing in times of desperation...
Will death and destruction kick off in the name of speculation again... GOSH

The truth of the Greek loans hasn't seen the true light of day yet.
There's international and nation state devilry (pronounced divilry - nowt to do with causing division) about...