SUN 15th Oct OCT 2017

On This Day 15th of Oct

 Charles 11  Fat cat 11

1666; Samuel Pepys recorded in his diary that Charles II had started wearing the first known waistcoat.
The King was so overweight that he left the bottom button undone, a 'fashion' custom followed to this day.
Were there any fat plebs in them days of old.
There seems to be an abundance of fatties today - gourmets or gormands GOSH

Is it down to diet and being less active - is it a generation thing!
It's certainly a lot easier to keep it off than get it off - no pun intended.
There's only one way to lose weight...
Eat less of what you like and move more...
Where have all the diets gone...GOSH

1927; Britain's Public Morals Committee attacked the use of contraceptives, on the basis that they caused 'poor hereditary stock'.
Catholic priests used to give sex education.
If you don't think that society is still taking two forward and one back.
You need some more rubber on your soul - where's all the 'double entendres' gone GOSH

1953; The British nuclear test Totem 1 was detonated at Emu Field in South Australia.
The main purpose of the trial was to determine the limit on the amount of plutonium-240 which could be present in a bomb and thus aid the British government's weapons programme.
Funny (as in peculiar) or not; that the nuclear arms race speeds up publically after a death and destruction conflict; and, during an economic conflict.
Does plutonium cost more than gold! GOSH

1959; The birth of Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York and ex wife of Prince Andrew.
She no longer holds the title HRH and if she remarries, any use of the title Duchess of York will be lost permanently too.
He's as bad as her or is it the other way round!
Minor 'royals' and graft GOSH

1987; The worst hurricane to hit Britain since records began devastated southern England and caused at least 17 deaths.
There was something a bit fishy re the light winds forecast.
One mans breeze is another mans/womens gale GOSH

2017 The round £1 coin, introduced in 1983, goes out of circulation at midnight tonight.
Its replacement is 12 sided and has additional security features - so they say.
In days of old when kings were bold(er) and often short of a few bob; they called in the coins of the realm and sent them back out a bit lighter.
some of all classes of pleb had the hobby of coin cliping...
In the 1930's they were still in circulation - coins of pure gold GOSH

Would Greece be better off on the gold standard!
Or grasp the new bitcoin?