SEPT 14th 2018

On this day

1607; The 'Flight of the Earls' from Lough Swilly, Donegal, in Ireland took place when Hugh Ó Neill (the earl of Tyrone) and about ninety followers left Ireland for mainland Europe following their earlier defeat in battle.
They hoped to recruit an army for the invasion of Ireland with Spanish help, but King Philip III of Spain wanted to preserve the recent peace with England under its new Stuart dynasty so it was all to no avail.
Nevertheless he persisted with the invasion plan until his death in exile in 1616.
Whatever next! an English induced potato famine and mass migration! There will be tribal migration under the name of religion and communism and escape from bombs next...
Let my people - try stopping em - go.GOSH

1752; The 3rd of September became the 14th as the Gregorian Calendar was introduced into Britain. Crowds of people rioted on the streets demanding, 'Give us back our 11 days.' Whatever next! glitches and gremlins in computers.
There's nowt as queer - really older meaning - as folk! A minority of people still believe that eugenics will make some people go GOSH

1759; The earliest dated board game in England was sold on this day by its inventor John Jeffreys, from his house in Chapel Street, Westminster.
The game was called 'A Journey Through Europe', or 'The play of Geography'.
Today the young, and many of the rest of society, are addicted to digitalisation owned by the tax dodging few.
Play the game

1951; Prime Minister Clement Attlee opened the largest oil refinery in Europe, at Fawley on Southampton Water.
Brittania no longer rules the waves - today big things are made and owned by the economic leaders of the EU trading bloc - the Germans.
Just as those of the jewish gang are still intentionally over represented in the UK, the German lobby is staying ahead of the game by deserting America.
The nation state that twice tried to rule the world by the use of guns is doing fine making butter.
The nation state of Germany is NOT a nation of haves and have-nots.
As the world of this planet moves on...
Do the Germans know how to play the game! GOSH

1964; The British daily newspaper, the Daily Herald, ceased publication and was replaced by the Sun.
Are you the son of a gun GOSH

The wealth of a people within the confines of a nation state have been strongly influenced by the natural resources within its (wo)man made borders The only natural resource of modern Greece is the sun.
This is why the nation state of Greece is still in the EU trading bloc.
Yes it's a centre right controlled organisation; however, change must come from within...
We as a nation state - cos of inequality - have chosen to go out into the cold.