JUNE 14th 2018

On this day

1645; The Battle of Naseby (Northamptonshire) was fought.
It was the key battle of the first English Civil War. 12,000 Royalist forces of King Charles I were beaten by 15,000 Parliamentarian soldiers commanded by Sir Thomas Fairfax and Oliver Cromwell.
In them days, Northamptonshire was well into the roundhead gang.GOSH

Today it is known as Northants and is politically (democratically) totally under under the control of greedy git gang

Northants - name a town/city if you can - is in the East Midlands; further away from London than one thinks.
At the time of the 'revolution' northamptonshire had 2 establishment MPs.
The 2015 election returned 7 (yes 7) members to the westminster - different world - village.
Northants is most (in)famous for the Watford Gap
If you don't think that times are changing; watch the creeping north Gap GOSH

In 1995,Pauline Clare became the first woman to be appointed chief constable (Lancashire) in Britain.
In 2017; Cressida Dick was appointed commissioner of the Met by home sectretary - failed - more than less than by the book - family business, Amber Rudd.
Cressida was private school educated and Oxbridge Establishment offspring.
She was in charge of the operation that killed the south american electrician on his way to work.
Quote Cressida, 'we are seeing the glamourisation of violence' We all make mistakes - some more serious than others...
Mz Dick - her partner is a female police officer - earns more than twice as much as a Cabinet minister (expenses included - or not) Mind the Gap.GOSH

In this international era of austerity for some; wonder to what extent 'individual endeavour' rules OK in Greece!