MAR 14th 2018

On this day

1757; British admiral John Byng was court-martialled and executed by firing squad on board HMS Monarch at Plymouth, for "failing to do his utmost" to relieve Minorca from the French fleet following the Battle of Minorca.
In practice, his ships badly needed repair and he was relieved of his command before he could see to his ships or secure the extra forces he required.
Heh ho, heho it's off to court martial we go GOSH

Johny - whizz kid and MP - boy was found guilty of not doing his utmost to gain victory at war...
The recently altered articles of war meant, he was sentenced to death.
His judges - fellow admirals of the admiralty - went to king George11 for clemency
None was given; no greedy GOSH

A French foreigner - the enemy at the time - by the name of 'Voltaire' satirised the scenario.
'It is good to kill an admiral from time to time; it encourages the others...
Giz a godamn Galleon GOSH...

1805; Master Betty (William Betty) played Hamlet on the London stage, aged just 14.
He was such a success that the House of Commons was adjourned to enable members to watch his performance.
His success was short-lived and, not long afterwards, he was hissed off the stage.
There are many today, who say; 'the career politicians of today just don't get it'.
There is a definite disconnect between 'them' and the people they are supposed to represent.
Wanna be in my well guarded (all and any puns intended) Gang GOSH

2014; Thieves - don't mention the bankers - who had built a 50ft (15m) tunnel to a cash machine on Liverpool Road, Eccles, got away with more than £80,000.
The complex nature of its structure could have taken months to excavate and echoes a similar raid in Fallowfield Shopping Precinct in January 2012.
Police said they were looking for 'people acting suspiciously, possibly covered in soil.'
Reminds me of Shergar and the Irish police inspector statement; and
Thieves broke into Hartlepool police station and knicked the WC...
Police have nothing to go on... Gee Josh no GOSH

Politics being what it is at the moment...
Will the Greek loans fiasco become a rejuvenated joke;...
No Josh Jimmy.