TUES 14th NOV 2017

On This Day 14th of NOV

 Nell Gwyn  Nicola Adams

1687; The death of Eleanor 'Nell' Gwyn, long-time mistress of King Charles II of England.
Mother of two of his illegitimate children.
Some girls will...
Some girls won't...
Perhaps the next line will bring a bit more clarity.
Some girls need a lot of loving; and...
Some girls don't...
Girls Girls, Girls GOSH

If! the love of money makes the world go round.
Offspring keeps it spinning.
Offspring require the act of procreation - some call it sex.
Up till recently...
Stiff upper lip; you breeders; the (ro)bots are coming - pun intended.
Men are from mars; women from venus! - best selling book written by a bloke in 1992
Is it a fluke that venus rhymes with the male impregnating organ GOSH

Equality (Battle) of the sexes is back in the preoccupation of people again GOSH

Innapropiate attention due to power is the fast following thrust to the pay gap GOSH

Mars and venus are a lot closer than one thinks...Psychologically...
In the as yet never ending era of death and destruction by those who purport to (both sexes) believe in democracy.
Women will never take over from man, until they are big(and good) enough to chin him.
Go Girl - it takes two to tango GOSH

2014; Parliamentary authorities defended their decision to ask a gardener to remove each leaf manually from trees outside the House of Commons.
A Commons spokesman said: “If we waited for the leaves to fall off it would waste a lot of time raking them up. It is more time efficient.”
Leafy lines and leafy lanes...
Is there one law for the establishment and a cutting one for the plebs.
The good and the dead must be spinning in their graves GOSH

Parliament has been given a vote on the brexit deal.
Never mind closing the stable door...
The very same career politicians...
We deserve the politicians we get!
They say, democracy isn't perfect; but, it's the best thing we've (you've) got GOSH

Greece is very similar to the UK in the economic and political jousting stakes.
Apart from brexit and devolution...
The old centre pretendy socialist party is still in there attempting to hang on.
The professional pundits are still spinning the debate slightly in the favour of the haves.
Time for change...