TUES 13th AUG 2019

1704; French and Bavarian forces were routed by a combined British, German and Dutch army at the Battle of Blenheim, in Bavaria .
The victors lost 6,000 soldiers compared with 21,000 French and Bavarian troops.
Blenheim has gone down in history as one of the turning points of the War of the Spanish Succession.
Never ever forget - though some (many) do - that one of the founding aims of the still led from the centre right EU was to prevent another war in Europe.
Brexit does not help in any way...
Wanna be in a 'are you from Europe! well I'm from Europe too' gang GOSH

1814; The Cape of Good Hope Province (north America) became a British colony when it was given over to the British by the Dutch for £6 million.
Did the dutch know something that the brits didn't; or, was it a case of death and destruction over democracy at the time!
The american war of independence ended in 1783 at the treaty of Paris - the level of french participation is well under stated/stood.
The special relationship was reinvented in the thatcher/reagan era. The american civil war ( over slavery ) was started in 1861
The original cape of good hope is in South Africa; apartheid and all that.
The UK government has just finished paying off the loan that was taken out to compensate slave owners.
One of the biggest multi-nationals (oil etc) on this planet is jointly owned by UK and the Dutch.< br> The dutch can speak better english than most UK citizens
Wanna be in a 'the fun has just begun over global warming' gang GOSH

1977; Members of the National Front (a far right, racial nationalist, political party) clashed with anti-NF demonstrators in Lewisham, resulting in 214 arrests and at least 111 injuries.
'Sticks and stones may hurt my bones;but, calling may not hurt me'
In the age of democracy are we under under estimating the latest rise of the far right.
Wanna be in a centre left gang GOSH

Has Greece with its loan repayment problem got less troubles the more advanced nation states in the near future!

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