JUNE 13th 2018

On this day

1625; King Charles I of England married Henrietta Maria of France.
Charlie one - who lost his head remember - preferred her to be known as Queen Mary of... The UK at the time.
Henrietta Maria was a French catholic high maintenance mama - disliked by the plebs; hence + the misdemeanors of her ruling by divine right, man; the revolution.
An early(ier) example of the pervasive internationality of royal greedy gits. GOSH

In well spun cohesive contemporary times multi-nationals take on the mantle/names of the nation state they seek profit from.
The degree of delusion depending on the strength of the multi/host nation at the time.
You can fool some of the people some of the time...
Wanna be in my gang! GOSH

In our present economy under pressure and hence more spin.
We have the dual burden of greedy monarchy and multi.
Do people go with the flow!
The flow between the channel or the pond! The trading block or America first gang GOSH

The young of most/any nation state on this overheating planet quickly adapt to the prevailing economic climate when hewing out a living; If...
Is it time for change!
Time to go GOSH

Will the lurch to the right of EU member Italy affect the Greek loans and Brexit.
Ask the trumpers; what no lucid answer.
Ask the N Koreans!
International spin is getting hotter in this warming up planet.