TUES 13th FEB 2018

On this day

1542; Catherine Howard, the fifth wife of Henry VIII of England, was executed for adultery.
Katie was a member of the extended family of greedy gits of the age.
She was only around seventeen - a bit young for an arranged marriage; and,
go round the block and not expecting get the fatal chop...
Men ruled in them days OK...
Time for change - whatever the gender NO JOsh GOSH

1692; The massacre of the ( Jacobite) MacDonalds at Glencoe, for not promptly pledging allegiance to the new king, William of Orange.
. The massacre began simultaneously in three settlements along the glen - Invercoe, Inverrigan, and Achnacon.
The fleeing MacDonalds were pursued. Thirty eight MacDonalds from the Clan MacDonald of Glencoe were killed and another forty women and children died of exposure after their homes were burned.
Much has been made of the 'Campbells are coming' over time...
Vote for me or I'll set your soul free.
Nowadays; we have the cant and hypocrisy of, democracy at home and death and destruction away.
Theres nowt as queer (no pun intended) as folk) ...
Will feminism really change parliament - they seem to fit in to the prevailing system so well.
Are you a female greedy git GOSH!

1988; The Winter Olympics opened in Calgary, Canada.
English ski-jumper and plasterer Eddie Edwards, became the surprise sensation of the Games.
The fearless contestant came last, but won all the headlines and the nickname The Eagle.
His life story was made into a film, Eddie the Eagle, in 2016.
Money and the resulting inequality now run sport OK.
Give me a too small grant GOSH

Greece is the birthplace of the Olympic games.
The Greeks always enter the stadium first - this year in Korea, Greece will have four contestants/ participants.
A sign of the times - don't mention the loan repayments...

PS - had to roll back to win 7 - am getting there
Learning linux as fast as I can...
Things can only get better...
This desk top (thanks to the 1% microsoft corporation greedy gits ) is about as stable as a UK government...
It's a good job I'm strong...