WED 12th JUNE 2019

1673; The future King James II of England was forced to resign as Lord High Admiral because of his Catholic faith.
In those days (men) men had died for centuries cos of their religious beliefs/lust for power
Unfortunately; it is no different today...
Our nation state is going through a period of rest/refrain internally - the majority of us are; anyway.
Will the writers of history (the victors in the spin game) record this prolonged period of unrestrained capitalism as a period of restaint or international meddling on a belligerent level.
Wanna really be in a different gang GOSH

1683; The Rye House Plot, to assassinate English king Charles II and his brother James, Duke of York, was discovered.
This plot was given religious under/overtones in the lust for wealth and the accompanying power.
Indeed; if one looks closer, there is more than a tinge of America v Europe.
People of all levels of income and lust for power are now closer - not just physically - to Europe than the USofA.
Wanna be in my keep your pals closer - even in this period of economic uncertainty - gang GOSH

1980; Billy Butlin, English holiday camp entrepreneur, died.
He opened his first Butlins camp at Skegness on 11th April 1936.
Cos Billy boy supplied cheap holidays, he was given an easy ride by us plebs - he was a Greedy git from SA
The main rival to butlins was pontins (still going) - a cheaper version, was once owned by Scottish and Newcastle, is now owned ( went into administration)by Brittania hotels; the head honcho is a tax domicile living in Australia.
Capitalism rules OK Wanna be in an international pay very little tax gang GOSH

The Greek economy is being run by the International gang of today - it has never been relatively stronger.
Time for change...

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