Jan 12th 2019

1866; The Aeronautical Society of Great Britain was formed in London, thirty seven years before the Wright Brothers achieved the first successful powered flight.
What proverb is brought into the light by this buschel of broad-mindedness:
Closing the stable door before the horse has bolted.
Innovation is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration
The world was built in six days - and, sex (ask a father of whatever cloth) has kept it going!
Rome was not built in a day...
Give me hope! Joanna
Wanna be in my gang GOSH

1899; Unable to launch their lifeboat at Lynmouth because of heavy storms, the crew, horses and helpers dragged their 10 ton lifeboat Louisa and carriage, in the dark, the 15 miles overland to Porlock Weir.
The 11 hour journey across Exmoor included a haul over Countisbury Hill (gradient 25% : 1 in 4) followed by descending another 1 in 4 hill down into Porlock where the corner of a househad to be demolished to gain access.
Their rescue of the 18 crew from Forrest Hall was successful.
The journey was re-enacted in daylight on 12th January 1999.
The RNLI is run by a charity - less than 2% of money comes from local authorites (not national government coffers) even in the days of austerity.
The men and women that risk their lives at sea are all volunteers - even the vast majority of full-timers start off as volunteers;for whatever reason
In the days of an economy under pressure the pay of those that remain on dry land is a game.
In this age of haves and have-nots, is it not time to question the motivation and remuneration of executives at all levels in the charity industry!

1954; The Queen opened New Zealand’s parliament, the first time in that country’s history that a reigning monarch had done so.
The present queen was crowned the year before; the same year that a New Zealander became the first man to conquer Everest.
A reproduced over time, fine example of what was to become known as establishment spin.
Today; does a spin doctor or person ( no matter what status ) use fake news as a selective form of the truth - remember there are lies; damn lies and statistics.
Wanna turn in your grave gang GOSH

The UK queen is married to Phil the Greek.
Royalty is international...
Brexit is partly (all) about internationality.
Let my royalty go GOSH