WED 11th SEPT 2019

1297; Scottish hero William Wallace defeated the English at Stirling Bridge.
Wallace's statement before the battle was - 'We come here with no peaceful intent, but ready for battle, determined to avenge our wrongs and set our country free.
Self determination today is such a 'funny' thing...
'Funny' in that; brexiteers claim independence from the EU; yet, many are the same people, that deny self determination to the people north of the border ( the Jocks; to some called the sweaty socks )
Wanna be in a 'you can't have one without the other' gang GOSH

1885; D.H. Lawrence, controversial English author of Sons and Lovers, Women in Love and Lady Chatterley's Lover, was born.
D.H. Lawrence was of midland mining stock; who(m) wrote about social conditions of the era.
The Lady Chatterly book was about a working class bloke having it off with a blue blood woman...
D.H. was a bit of a philosopher; as well as pushing the envelope to hack out a living.
It was he who came up with, ' a man in the middle is in for a very hard life indeed'
He died young abroad... on the main land of Europe; I think.
Wanna be in a 'nobody should die young' Gang GOSH

1895; The prestigious FA Cup trophy was stolen from football outfitters William Shillock of Birmingham.
68 years later an 83 year old man confessed he'd melted it down to make counterfeit halfcrown coins.
A midlands high ranking policeman said there was no possibility of a successful prosecution.
Just like Empires; nothing lasts forever...
The prosecution of historic sexual criminals is now on the wane.
Ask a BBC cricket commentator!
Wanna be in a anything goes now gang GOSH.

1968; The housing charity, Shelter, said up to three million people in Britain were living in damp, overcrowded slum conditions.
It is a well documented fact that many in society, 'look the other way'
Wanna be in a 'have a good look society' gang GOSH

2014; The Society of Biology stated that warm temperatures had prompted flying ants to leave their nests early, Subsequently, seagulls had become more agressive, after getting 'drunk' by the formic acid in the ants’ bodies.
And you (we) thought what! about seagulls getting stroppy.
Global Warming is a lot more complicated than one thinks.
Don't mention the EU...
Wanna be in a 'any fool can ask a question that stumps the wisest of men' gang GOSH

Has Greece reverted to the prevalent norm of individual endeavour in an vain attempt to solve its present problems!
Capitalism is much heralded by those that believe in it.
Time for change!

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