JULY 11th 2018

On this day

1274;Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland was born.
His body is buried in Dunfermline Abbey.
It is believed his heart was interred in Melrose Abbey.
If; one hasn't heard/seen the poetic licence version of 'I left my heart...', sung by Spike Milligan; one really should.
Multi-nationals take the heart out of any nation state they do/leave there business in...
It is okay if the multi-national is based in 'your' nation state.
All the world's a stage...
Wanna be in my gang!GOSH

1848; Waterloo Station was officially opened.
With over 91 million passenger entries and exits between April 2010 and March 2011, it is Britain's busiest railway station.
When combined with the tube and station of almost the same name; Waterloo is the largest and busiest part of any national transport infrastructure in Europe/EU.
Waterloo is part of the UK national rail network...
There is something drastically wrong when parts of our national network are owned and run by other nation states under the guise of 'privatisation'.
Time for change...
Wanna be in my permanent way Gang! GOSH

1859; A Tale Of Two Cities, by Charles Dickens, was published.
Today; the book and most of the work of Dickens can be considered more than a bit of historical reference.
Nice work if you can get it...
Wonder how long Charlie was really on the GIG! GOSH

1859; Big Ben, in the clock tower of the Houses of Parliament, tolled for the first time.
In September it cracked under the hammer, a mere two months after it officially went into service. According to the foundry's manager, a hammer more than twice the maximum weight specified had been used and for three years Big Ben was taken out of commission.
Big Ben was originally cast by a specialist Middlesborough smoggy firm - an example of two forward and one back taken by society...
Was Big Ben, not, a priority! Did it take the local London family firm, three year to cast another...
Was it cock up or conspiracy!.
Like many incidences of today, it is a varying mix of the two...
All the world is a stage...
Wanna etch/eke out a living in my GANG! GOSH

1987; War veterans returned to the scene of the bloodiest battle of World War I to commemorate its 70th anniversary.
The fields of Passchendaele (which Ypres battle in the war) in Belgium claimed the lives of 250,000 troops of the British Commonwealth between July and November 1917.
There are some/a few amongst the many; who, reckon we need another war to sort things out.
Never ever forget; one of the founding aims of the common market - now the EU - was to prevent another war in Europe, hopefully the world.
War is like inflation; as soon as the next generation forgets - don't mention the disguised greed of the banking crash; the latest form of inflation.
Jaw jaw is so much better than war war.
Giz a gun and let's see some more Gore.
It is deadly easy to be in my/his whatever size gore gang GOSH.

1991;Labour MP Terry Fields was sentenced to 60 days in prison for refusing to pay his poll tax.
A week is long time in politics...
How long before the Bliarites and nuancly named neoliberalism.
A lifetime after the electorate of this green and pleasant land voted for deregulation - the slightly/more different formula now adopted by Trump.
Is Mr Fields on the side of the internal economic warfare, politically produced contemporary haves/have-nots or, those relative fat cats/piggies in the middle.
The jury is now out and, the time stands still for no man/woman, clock is ticking.
Wanna be in whose gang! GOSH

Greece a less developed - though geographically warmer - nation state than us; has exactly the same ponderous pickle to chew on/over as us.
Wanna be in my less or more greedy gang GOSH
Time for change!