SAT 11th MAY 2019

1685 The death of 18 year old Margaret Wilson, executed by drowning for refusing to swear an oath declaring James VII (James II of England) as head of the church.
She died along with Margaret McLachlan.
Known as the Wigtown Martyrs they are buried in Wigtown Churchyard alongside the three men hanged at Wigtown.
If you don't think that deathly rivalry under the guise of religion exists today...
You have never heard of the 'backstop'.
Will death and destruction in the fight for power; take over from democracy again!
The rich establishment making tough decisions on behalf of the poor.
Wanna be in a true democratic gang GOSH

1967; Britain, Ireland and Denmark officially applied to join the EEC.
The UK is now divided over the EU.
My heart is with the leavers; my head is with the remainers...
My personal compromise is to be governed by my head...
Wanna be in my better off gang GOSH

1977; Wallace Virgo, former head of the police pornography squad, was found guilty of taking bribes from Soho vice kings.
1995;Lord Nolan presented his report on standards in public life, in an attempt to rid Westminster of constant allegations of individual 'sleaze'.
If you are not in the loop; you can only guess and confirm later.
In this present period of unrestrained deregulation; I guess that most of 'us' are at it.
Will religion make a comeback - God forbid it
Wanna be in my futuristic agnostic gang GOSH

Hurrah-Hurray its a holi-holiday.
Not going to Greece - back on the 23rd.

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