MON 11th FEB 2019

1531;Henry VIII was recognized as supreme head of the Church of England.
1542; Catherine Howard, the fifth queen consort of Henry VIII, was confined in the Tower of London to be executed three days later.
Henry learned that Catherine had had several affairs before their marriage and had Parliament declare it treason for an unchaste woman to marry the king.
Due Dilligence, then as now. was a matter of fact denying opinion...
How did that bloke who was invented to give hope in the next world, to those that have no hope in this become the 'imaginary' leader of so many cults.
If only god had gave us the gift to see ourselves as others see us.
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1971; Eighty-seven countries, including the UK, the United States and the USSR, sign the Seabed Treaty.
It outlawed nuclear weapons on the ocean floor in international waters.
. Yeah; and like nukes, pigs can fly; even better nowadays.
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1993; Queen Elizabeth II and the Prince of Wales both volunteered to pay income tax and capital gains tax on their private income.
The Queen also took over civil list payments to junior members of the royal family.
It wasn't long after this that betty became the richest woman in the world - don't mention charlie increasing rents to pay for the tax.
If you deny that the 'royals' have an offshore presence; you want to be in their gang.
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Greece is a republican democracy; it used to have a royal family.
The present economic climate has ( with the covert blessing of the EU) seen the return of the Greek 'royals' to Greece after living in Denmark and England - don't mention phil the greek.
Before the Russian revolution (1917) the royals had a pan european presence - do not mention inbreeding