FRI 1st DEC 2017

On This Day 1st of DEC

Henry 1  Yanis Faroufakis

1135; England's King Henry I died.
He had fallen ill seven days earlier after eating too many lampreys (jawless fish resembling eels).
He was 66, and had ruled for 35 years.
Henry was the fouth and last son of William (basher bill) the conqueror - daughters were far from divine in those days.
Long live the king - let's start scrapping for the goodies when he's gone GOSH

Damien Green is not guilty of don't be naughty nowt - shall we hang him.
A divided minority government will be desperate not to lose another appointment of one of the gang, rather than a person of ability.
These people are coached and encouraged to deny any guilt.
Here we go; here we go; here we Go GOSH

1642; The 1st English Civil War.
A victory for Parliamentarian Forces when Colonel Sir William Waller stormed Farnham Castle in Kent.
It became his base for the remainder of the war.
When the talking stops; the killing starts...
Anyone for homegrown Gore GOSH

1942; The Beveridge Report, written by Sir William Beveridge, proposed a welfare state for Britain.
Care to all from the cradle to the grave.
It revolved around a compulsory National Insurance scheme to provide all adults with free medical treatment, unemployment benefit and old age pensions.
Beveridge was a Liberal by politics reformer...
The NHS as we previously knew it, started in 1945 - by a Labour Government; just after the end of the second world war. Many of the greedy git gang now want to see the 'workhouse' again. NO GOSH

2010; Large parts of the UK were brought to a standstill by the early freeze.
Temperatures plunged again overnight to -16C (3F) in the Scottish Highland after one of the coldest starts to December in more than 20 years.
Some 4,000 schools were closed, the Forth Road Bridge was closed for the first time since it opened in 1964.
Edinburgh and Gatwick airports were shut.
The Met Office issued heavy snow warnings for Scotland and north-east, eastern and south-east England.
If you couldn't now afford to heat your home or lived on the streets, it is colder than that now.
Out of my way said the receding glacier; where's me galoshes no GOSH

2014; Dr. Myles Bradbury was jailed for 22 years after abusing children who had cancer or grave blood disorders.
He pleaded guilty to 25 offences against boys aged 10 to 16, including sexual assault, voyeurism and possessing more than 16,000 indecent images.
About 800 more families were told that their children could have been at risk during the five years that Bradbury worked for the hospital - a teaching NHS foundation trust of the Cambridge Uni.
Trust in me he whispered with Glee GOSH

2014; Christopher Law, the former owner of Britain’s last surviving temperance bar was prosecuted for drink-driving.
Is the life of today enough to drive a man/woman to drink!. Text me the answer while driving...
Giz a tonic and don't forget the Gin. NO JOSH GOSH

The original Greek negotiator in the Greek loans 'fiasco' was on the 'BBC' question time last night.
A true pro EU trading block socialist economist - he was sacked/let go/resigned by the Greek coalition government to hopefully expedite a deal.
He - Yanis Varoufakis - succintly summed up the UK brexit farce as a breakfast - a dogs breakfast...
Who am I/you/we to disagree.