SAT 10th FEB 2018

On this day

1306; In front of the high altar of Greyfriars Church in Dumfries, Robert the Bruce murdered John Comyn, his leading political rival, sparking revolution in the Scottish Wars of Independence.
A historic example of violence shaping politics...
Who are you to disa gree GOSH

In times more recent, which nation states have resorted to the use of violence trying to influence politics the most?
The EU
North Vietnam
The UK

The USofA wins by a nuclear mile
Don't mention the UK being the compliant poodle that pales into paltriness>
Who are you to disa gree GOSH

A Squaddie dies and a Diplomat lies - don't mention the pro establishment press.
Let's hang on to what we (want) got GOSH

2013 The Department for Transport announced that TV advertisements, which have been shown since the 60s, with characters such as Tufty the squirrel and the Green Cross Code Man would no longer be broadcast because of 're-prioritised' budgets.
Austerity! what austerity!
I'm not a lying greedy git GOSH

Ancient history records Greece as having a violent past - don't mention the planet...
Will Greece have a violent future - if Greece remains in the EU it wont... according to the patter

PS - had to roll back to win 7 - am getting there
Learning linux as fast as I can...
Things can only get better...