1839; Indian tea was auctioned in Britain for the first time.
Previously, only China tea had been available, at great expense.
After the introduction of Indian tea, prices fell and tea became so affordable that it was soon the national drink.
The laws of supply and demand - the internationality of supply and demand as dictated to by the forces of death and destruction.
The markets eventually adjust to bring aboard the plebs - don't they!
In the era of almost instant information have you heard the phrase, 'nobody seen them coming'( trump and brexit ) Just as trump is the last throw of the dice for the American economy, it was the deregulation of thatcherism that led to a UK (and internationality) of haves and have-nots - don't mention the two main nation states in the latest banking crash.
No matter what is said in the future; the UK electorate voted almost enthusiastically (some say reluctantly) for what they thought would be a better long term life - it's the economy stupid.
There is no reason on earth why the developed nation states should improve their wealth year upon year (GDP) Will global warming become the 'great leveler' - or will the short term greedy gits lead us into another period of death and destruction democracy!
It is us 'humans' that create robots; it is up to us humans what kind of planet we live on.
It really is time for change!
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1922; Arthur Griffith, the founder of Sinn Fein and one of the architects of the 1921 peace treaty with Britain, was elected president of the newly established Irish Free State.
To those that say, we are entering a new phase; I say, 'up yours', in as many tongues I can.
Each generation to its own; and each generation has its own broom.
It has all been done before; I repeat 'ALL'.
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1979; 'Crisis? What Crisis?' Prime Minister James Callaghan flew back into strike-torn Britain denying allegations that the country was in chaos.
Read all about it.
An era when the newspapers ruled OK - the winter of discontent - or was the UK only half way up the international table of days lost due to strikes.
In this era of information if you don't believe that the media has an inbuilt bias toward the establishment of haves; I'm afraid (not really) you are looking the other way.
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Greece has through modern times been on and off the team as a destination for the UK tourist.
In the future will global warming affect the Greek economy more than the UK's.